Tuesday 31 July 2018

Obama Divorce

Obama and Michelle Divorce

Marriages as well as divorces of celebs are always the toasts of towns and become a wildfire when the name of the President is involved in such scandals or news. A website of Defence published an article stating in the last line that the former President Barrack Obama and his first lady Michelle are calling it quits after spending long 28 years in their wedded paradise.

The same website claims to have citing the reason of Michelle's infidelity and incorrigible differences. Here are the cited lines:

Late last week, a rumor began circulating in Washington social circles that there was trouble in paradise for Barack and Michelle Obama. While there was no confirmation, it was being tossed around that it was Barack looking to dump Michelle. This morning, a filing in the District Court of Cook County, Illinois confirmed that the couple is seeking divorce and that Barack is, in fact, the plaintiff.

According to county docket D4610968L86, Barack Hussein Obama seeks dissolution of marriage from Michelle Obama on grounds of infidelity and irreconcilable differences. The infidelity, according to the Obama’s longtime housekeeper, Analita Consuelo Gonsales, isn’t recent but rather the revelation through a recent DNA test that Obama isn’t the biological father of Sasha or Malia.

However, after the investigation done by various whistle blowing institutions, it turned out to be a rumour and nothing else as the mentioned docket number was found to have nothing in that. The article had a complete absurd and baseless and outlandish aspects which were totally assumed and made and in the last it was hinted that the article had a satirical nature. For eg he Last Line of Defense asserted a DNA test proved that Barack Obama wasn’t the biological father of Sasha and Malia, that the Obama children were the product of genetic engineering, that Malia was a talented dulcimer musicians (but her talents were being kept secret), that Michelle Obama had announced a 2020 presidential bid, and that Sasha made millions of dollars playing Texas Hold ‘Em poker.

On the other hand, the couple seems to have been madly into each other even now which was clearly reflecting in the latest tweets of Valentines Day.

About Barrack Obama and Michelle Obama

Barrack Obama is an American Attorney and a politician of Democratic party, who served as 44th President of the United States from January 2009 to January 2017. He is the first African American to become a President. Born in 1961 in Honulul, Obama spent his childhood in Washington State. A Columbia University graduate, Obama entered in Harvard Law School, where he was the first black president of Harvard Law Review. During his reign, Obama brought many reform bills under execution but two amongst them got worldwide reclaim. The first one was Affordable Care at often known as Obam Care and the second one being “Don't ask don't tell” act.

Michelle is an American lawyer and writer and one of the most beloved First Lady of the United States. The Obamas were loved by both media and the people during their tenure in the White House.