Tuesday 31 July 2018

Carrie Underwood Divorce

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Divorce

The American idol star, Carrie Underwood's dashing marriage with Mike Fisher seems to have been facing the storm as the birdies have it that the super got couple are heading for divorce. Celeb divorce have always popped eyeballs and raised brows and the reasons of their divorces have also been under the radar. This handsome wedded couple seem to have some valid one as a source tells that Carrie wants another child for a company of their two years old whereas the handsome player husband seems to have least interested in it.

Though the couple is head over heels with each other but like every other couple, they too seem to have differences and challenges huge enough to live together. "She and Mike love each other, but like any couple they’ve had challenges. So much so that at times, Carrie has been at the breaking point," the source said while further adding, Just by the very nature of their jobs, Carrie is gone on long concert tours and Mike was away playing for the team a lot."

Though Carrie never wants this to happen but not able to spend time together is casting a toll on their marriae and thus boosting chances of divorce. "Carrie has wanted more quality time with Mike. They’ve only been on a couple of vacations together in the seven years they’ve been married”. Mike retired from hockey in 2017, but intend to return to ice last month.

The source further commented on extending their family, "She really thought that Mike’s retirement was going to give them the time they needed to work on making their family stronger. His decision put a huge strain on their marriage. If Carrie and Mike continue to grow apart, it will surely end in divorce for them. And that would be heartbreaking."

Fisher and Underwood met for first time at backstage of Carrie's concert. The couple got engaged on December 2009 and got married in July 2010.

Amidst all this mess, the couple also has come forward and clarified their stance on divorce by saying that even though Carrie might have got stitches on her face due to injury and Mike also must have been going through a tough time but the couple seems to have it all by standing by each other and withstanding every storm together.

About Carrie and Mike

Carrie has been winner of American Idol season 4 and launched her platinum debut album, “Some Hearts” which bagged many Grammy. The chirpy girl spent her childhood in Okhlama and claims to having spent a very happy childhood where she did wonderful, simple things which children love to do. Even after being thhe country girl, she has earned a lot of fame.

Mike Fisher is a former Canadian ice Hockey professional player, who played at Ottawa Senators and Nashville Predators in National Hockey League. He grew up playing hockey at Peterbotough Minor Hockey Association with the rap minor Pele program.