Tuesday 18 July 2017

Rory McCann

Rory is a Scottish actor and musician. He is best known for playing Sandor Clegane in the mega-blockbuster series Game Of Thrones. He has also worked in movies such as Coming Soon, Pasty Faces, Devil's Tatoo, Young Adam, Peter in Paradise, Alexander, Sixty Six, Hot Fuzz, The Crew, Solomon Kane, Clash of Titans, Slow West, Triple X: Xander Cage and Season of the Witch. McCann has also appeared in television series such as Randall & Hopkirk, Monarch of the Glen, London's Burning, The Book Group, State of Play, Rockface, Shameless, The Jury, and Banished. He has even won a Scottish Bafta Award for his performance in television.

Rory McCann Religion

Rory was born in Glasgow, Scotland and is assumably a Christian by faith, his religious practices being obscure and away from public eye.

Rory McCann Political Views

Rory is an avid supporter of Scottish Green Party. He has even appeared in the broadcast of 2007 Scottish Parliament General Election. 

Who is he/she dating?

He has never had a fling with any actress. In fact, he was quoted saying that since he has no wife and children, he has no mortgage. Since he moves too much, he claims to be single. 

Rory McCann Hobbies

Rory is a music lover and was once the frontman of now defunct band Thundersoup. He can play multiple instruments such as guitar, piano, banjo, and mandolin. McCann is also an all-round sportsman. 

Interesting Facts

In an accident in Yorkshire, Rory broke multiple bones while climbing a mountain. 

His lifestyle is quite eccentric and unconventional as he is known to live in solitary and transient places such as a boat or places without modern amenities.