Tuesday 18 July 2017

Olivia Williams

Olivia is a British actress also known to have worked in several American television series. Olivia has worked in various movies such as The Postman, Rushmore, Born Romantic, Dead Babies, Lucky Break, The Heart of Me, Valiant, Tara Road, Collaborator, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, Hyde Park on Hudson, Sabotage, Altar, Seventh Son etc. Her television appearances have been on The Ruth Rundell Mysteries, Emma, Friends, Agatha Christie, Dollhouse, Case Sensitive, The Halcyon etc. Also a theater actress, she has performed at the Royal National Theatre, Donmar Warehouse, Vaudeville Theatre, National Theatre, all of them in London. Her acting skills have won her awards at  British Independent Film Awards, London Film Critics Circle Award, National Society of Film Critics Award along with prestigious nominations such as in Empire Awards, Screen Actors' Guild Award, and Los Angeles Fim Critics Association Award. 

Olivia Williams  Religion

Olivia was born in London where both her parents worked as barristers. Her background quite clearly indicates that she is a Christian. 

Olivia Williams Political Views

Her interests in British or American politics may not be relevant, but she surely has some political insights especially after she went into a relationship with the Foreign Minister of Poland.

Who is he/she dating?

Olivia ended her seven-year relationship with actor Jonathan Cake just two weeks before their wedding. She even had a relationship with Radek Sikorski who is a former Foreign Affairs Minister of Poland. She then married actor Rhashan Stone in 2003 and has two daughters. 

Olivia Williams Hobbies

Williams has a degree in both literature and drama. She has even spent three years at the Royal Shakespeare Company that proves her interest in theatres. Olivia has even written a book called "The Significance of Hair" for BBC Radio and even had read it on air. Her interest in writing can also be evident from the fact that she wrote articles for the travel section of British newspaper The Independent. 

Interesting Facts

She even had a relationship with Radek Sikorski who is a former Foreign Affairs Minister of Poland.

Olivia is regularly practicing Bikram Yoga. 

She had studied spectacled bears in the rainforests of Bolivia