Saturday 15 July 2017

Kathleen Turner

Kathleen is veteran American actress and director. She rose to fame through her movies Body Heat, Crimes of Passion, The Accidental Tourist, Serial Mom, Peggy Sue Got Married, The Virgin Suicides, Baby Geniuses, Beautiful and more. She has also appeared in certain television serials such as Friends, Law and Order, Californication, Masterclass and The Path. Her performances have been rewarded at the Golden Globes, Los Angeles Fim Critics Association, National Society of Film Critics Award, Sant Jordi Award, New York Film Critics Circle Award etc. Other than these, she has also earned some prestigious nominations at the BAFTA, Oscars, and Saturn Awards. Turner also had a stage career especially at the Broadway where she won the Tony Awards.

Kathleen Turner  Religion

Daughter of a US foreign service officer whose great grandfather was a Methodist in China, Kathleen grew up in a strictly conservative family. Her father disapproved of her acting and performances. Although born in a Methodist family, she adopted certain Jewish traditions as she was married to a Jew and also raised her child following customs from Judaism.

Kathleen TurnerPolitical Views

Kathleen has been a crusader of Planned Parenthood. She also serves as a board member of People of the American Navy. Moreover, she has volunteered for Amnesty International and Citymeals on Wheels. Her endorsement for John Kerry's as President of the US depicts that she is a liberal Democrat and has made frequent donations to the Democratic party.

Who is he/she dating?

Kathleen was married to real estate entrepreneur Jay Lewis in New York City and has a child. They got divorced in 2007.

Kathleen Turner Hobbies

Turner began volunteering at the local Planned Parenthood Office at the age of 19 itself. She has attended the Central School of Speech and Drama in London that shows her interest and skill in this field.

Interesting Facts

She suffered from rheumatoid arthritis that severely affected her career which went into deep decline after the diagnosis. 

Her disease and medication along with excess alcohol consumption had badly altered her looks.

Kathleen was termed as an amazing nightmare by actress Eileen Atkins and has also been referred to as a difficult person.

She can speak Spanish fluently.

Turner was ranked 1 by the Fotogramas magazine as the "Favorite Foreign Actress" in a poll.