Monday 26 June 2017

Thora Birch

Thora Birch is a popular American movie actress, born on 11 March, 1982 in Los Angeles, California. She made her debut as a child artist, at an early age of 6, in 1988 movie Purple People Eaters for which she was honoured with Young Artist Award. She got her breakthrough in 1999 movie American Beauty in which she depicted the character of Jane Burnham, which brought Thora to international limelight. She can be seen in her top form in films like Ghost World (2001), Dark Corners (2006), Train (2008), Deadline (2009) and Petunia (2012) among many others. Recently she appeared in the character of Jolene in 2017 movie Above Suspicion.

Thora Birch Religion

It is difficult to comment upon religious beliefs of Thora as she has never expressed her views on this matter. However, we can develop some idea of the same from her ancestry. Thora has a rich heritage coming from a mixture of German Jewish Scandinavian and Italian ancestries. The original surname of the family was “Biersch”, derived from their German Jewish descent. Besides, Thora has been named after the Norse God of Thunder and Lighting.

Thora Birch's Political Views

Thora has kept her political views behind the curtains and has never publically talked on the issue, despite always being in limelight. She doesn’t seem to have given any political comments which can help us infer about her political views. However, it would be safe to assume that she might be liberal in her views.

Who is she dating?

Not much information is available about her personal life as she prefers to have privacy on her personal issues. She has never been seen with someone who could be called her love interest. She is currently focussed on her career and is yet to open up on her plans of getting married.

Thora Birch's Hobbies

One of the hobbies of Thora is painting. She has expressed her particular interests in mixed media and creating bas-relief style images on canvas. She also loves to sing. She likes to keep herself occupied with different things for each hour of the day. Besides, she is really active on twitter.

Interesting Facts

  1. Her parents are former movie actors, and both have appeared in supporting roles in the movie Deep Throat.
  2. She was selected for the role of Tammy Metzler in 1999 movie Election but, owing to differences with Alexander Payne, was fired.
  3. She prefers to get her stunts done by herself.
  4. After almost four years of disappearance, she made a comeback with 2016 television series Colony.