Monday 26 June 2017

Rachel Brosnahan

Rachel Brosnahan is an American fame and movie actress, best known for her portrayal of Rachel Posner in the Netflix’s House of Cards (2013-15). She was born on December 15, 1990. She made her debut in Hollywood with the feature film The Unborn (2009) while still pursuing her higher studies. Since then she hasn’t looked back. Some of her notable credits include Beautiful Creatures (2013), Patriots Day (2016), The Finest Hours (2016), The Blacklist (2014) and Manhattan (2014-15) to name some. She recently appeared in the lead role of Miriam “Midge” Maisel in the television series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017).

Rachel Brosnahan Religion

Rachel seems to have faith in god. Once she was spotted saying, “Spiritual means so many things. I happen to believe that ‘religious’ comes with a baggage – that word itself. But spiritual, absolutely. I think anybody who believes in something could be considered spiritual.” This statement gives us an idea that she is a spiritual person. As far as her ancestry is concerned, she is of Irish and English origin. So we infer that she is a Christian by religion.

Rachel Brosnahan's Political Views

It seems that Rachel prefers to keep her views in this department rather private. She is not heard making any political comments or raking any political controversy which can help us infer her political views. However, it might me safe to assume that like most other Hollywood celebs, she might ne liberal in views.

Who is she dating?

Not much is heard of Rachel’s love life. Though on screen she has romanced many Hollywood hunks, but she has never been spotted with the prince charming of her real life. She prefers to keep her personal life completely behind curtains. Standing at a crucial stage of her career, she is so much occupied by her work that she probably seems to haven’t given any thought to marriage as yet. 

Rachel Brosnahan's Hobbies

Not much is known about her hobbies but we know that she has a fascination for listening and reading stories. She once told that her mother used to play books on tape, which drove her imagination, making her want to act. Besides, as she is an actor we assume that acting might be something that she would like to do with her free time.

Interesting Facts

1.She is neice of purse designer Kate Spade.
2. In her high school, she was selected as a member of wrestling team for two seasons.
3. She is a charitable person and has attended a number of charity events.
4. As a teen, she used her babysitting money to attend an acting camp.