Sunday 11 June 2017

Sofia Boutella

Sofia Boutella was born on April 3rd, 1982. She is an Algerian-French dancer, model and actress best known for her work in the 2012 movie StreetDancer 2. She has also appeared in multiple Nike Women's advertising campaigns as a hip-hop and street dancer. She also recently appeared in Universal's, "The Mummy" in 2017 as Princess Ahmanet.

Sofia Boutella Religion

Sofia has never been vocal about her religion but we can expect to see much more interviews of her after the 2017 Universal film, "The Mummy". Her ancestry is also a bit of a fuzz with her father, Safy Boutella being born in Germany and we know very little about her mother. 

Sofia Boutella Political Views

Sofia seems to keep her political views behind the curtains, however, a person's Twitter feed can tell a lot these days. She seems to be an advocate for immigration and she is an immigrant herself. She also got involved in the Women's march is London. It is safe to say that much like others in Hollywood, she is also a pretty liberal person herself. 

Who is she dating?

She has come into major limelight of pretty recent and has not been very vocal about her personal life, including here relationships. She was, though, spotted with Chris Pine at the Coachella music festival and DailyMail quoted that they looked 'very much like a couple' and we cannot say that they were wrong as she and Pine do look very sweet together. Seems like something's cooking up. Pine has been Sofia's co-actor in the 2016 film "Star Trek Beyond". 

Sofia Boutella Hobbies

Sofia's love is for dancing, she started dancing at the age of 5 so keeping in mind that dancing is her main thing, we can say that acting and modelling are her hobbies. She is also quite active on social media and seems to be involved in activism so let's put that as her hobbies, too. 

Interesting Facts

Boutella started classical dance education at merely 5 years old. After moving to France with her family at the age of 10, she also started rhythmic gymnastics and joined the French national team at the age of 18. 

Her father is a known Jazz musician hailing from Algeria. 

She was born in the city of Bab El Oued in Algeria. 

She has worked with Madonna and was on tour with her for whom she had to tick "Michael Jackson This Is It" concerts due to the extension of the Madonna tour.