Wednesday 28 June 2017

Sean Bean

Sean Bean is a International Emmy Award Winner English actor who was graduated from Royal academy of Dramatic Art.This magnetic persona was born on 17th April 1959 in Handsworth, Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire to Brian Bean (owner of a fabrication shop)and Rita (Tuckwood).In the early age of his career he was helping his father in his business but talent got shine soon. This handsome made his acting debut in theater with Romeo and Juliet(1983). He got tremendous appraisal for his Ned Stark Role in HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones. He also became popular with his role in BBC anthology series Accused for which he won Emmy award  and ITV historical drama series Henry VIII.  

Sean Bean Religion  

Sean bean is quite shy about talking his beliefs and faith in any single religion. He belongs to those types of person for whom their work is only religion.He has always maintained his Yorkshire accent and remain calm and has created down to earth image. But as per his upbringing in Yorkshire he can be assumed as Christian.  

Sean Bean Political Views

Sean bean publicly admits that he was always in argument with his father in the matter of politics. He has always respects principles of "Labour Party" that leads to his bending towards Labour party. But sometimes his critical comments regarding bureaucracy and Labour party actions points out  his dissatisfaction towards the party.

Who is he dating?

Personal life of Sean bean has taken many twists. He was married four times and divorced too. He started his relationship with his high school love Debra James in 1981 but that lasted for 7 years only. Bean soon stuck in the enchantment of English actress Melania Hill in 1990 and soon couple was blessed with two beautiful daughters.Couple was laterally separated in 1997. Sean Bean couldn't live alone for long and married to English actress Abilgail Cruttenden in 1997 and their love blossomed in the form of their beautiful daughter. As this relation didn't take much time to bond, same way that resulted in separation of couple in year 2000.Now after 3 relationship Sean Bean took time to handle life beautifully and mingled with actress Georgina Sutcliffe in 2008.Sean Bean was accused by Sutcliffe for physical abusing they separated in 2010. 

Sean Bean Hobbies

Bean was fond of football since his childhood. He is a devoted follower of Sheffield United Football Club.He also has a tattoo on his left shoulder i.e "100% Blade". 

Interesting Facts

He was voted UK's second sexiest male in 2004.