Thursday 22 June 2017

Melanie Laurent

Melanie Laurent is a French actress, singer, pianist, director and screenwriter born in Paris, on February 21st, 1983. Melanie started to act at the age of 16, casting for a French movie, The Bridge (1999), playing Lisbeth. Since then, she gained some recognition by acting in other films such as Dikkenek (2006), which made her to win the Étoiles d’Or. Her debut in Hollywood was in Inglorious Bastards (2009), where he played the role of Shasanna Dreyfus. Laurent has also worked in many independent films such as Paris (2008) and Enemy (2013).

Melanie Laurent Religion

Melanie comes from a Jewish family, and she has maintained her believes. In fact, this is one of the reasons why she accepted to work for Tarantino in Inglorious Bastards. She said she had had the dream of killing Hitler since she was a kid, so she already had something in common with her character. When her grandfather knew about that, she asked her to accept the role.

Melanie Laurent Political Views

She hasn’t made any statements about her political inclinations, but does have taken actions in climate defense campaigns. She is a Climate Ambassador for the Global Humanitarian Forum, and also has visited Indonesia’s Climate Defenders Camps with Greanpeace activists. Laurent has also participated in against overfishing politics and participated in the cast of a voice over documentary titled The End of the Line, about the aforementioned topic.

Who is she dating?

She is currently in a relationship with his boyfriend, Ewan McGregor, who knew by co-staring him in the film Beginners (2010). She prefers to call him her boyfriend, although they have been together for a while now. They have a son, names Léo, who was born in September, 2013. She has had former relationships with Julien Boisselier, which ended in 2009, Damien Rice, in 2009, and there were rumors of her to be dating Bradley Cooper in 2011.

Melanie Laurent Hobbies

It’s clear that Laurent is very reserved about her private life. In her official Instagram account there are lots of pictures of her work as a model and some behind the scenes shots, but there aren’t any signs of her daily routine or any aspect of her life other than acting.

Interesting Facts

She is daughter of a ballerina, Annik, and a voice-over actor, Pierre Laurent, who is one of the voices of the French version of The Simpsons.

Melanie returned to work after 6 months of giving birth, with the film Boomerang (2015).

She didn’t speak English at all until she accepted the role for Inglorious Bastards.

His grandfather survived deportation by the Nazis in Wold War II.

She has Jewish ancestries from Poland and Tunisia.

She made a song with her ex-husband called Everything You are not Supposed to Be.