Thursday 22 June 2017

Joel Edgerton

Joel Edgerton is an Australian actor and filmmaker born on 23rd June, 1974. He grew up in Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia but then moved to Sydney, where he attended to Hills Grammar School and then to Nepean Drama School in 1994. His first appearance was in the TV series, The Secret Life of Us (2001), which made him win an AACTA Award and be nominated to an AFI. He’s better known for his roles in films such as Star Wars: Episode II (2002), The Great Gatsby (2013) and Warrior (2001). Edgerton also co-stared Johnny Depp, playing John Conolly, in the acclaimed 2015 film, Black Mass.

Joel Edgerton Religion

Joel grew up in a strict Catholic family, but nowadays he doesn’t even go to church and has no religion at all. This unchained a lot of controversy since he has participated in several religious movies, without having a religion himself. Edgerton once declared that as a child, he used to feel guilty for small things because of religion, and that many of his decisions today are a reflection of it.

Joel Edgerton Political Views

Edgerton hasn’t made any comments about his political views directly or about any president’s actions, so it is difficult to determine if he tends to some certain party. However, in his last movie, Loving (2016), it’s obvious he clearly supports racial equality and Human Rights; in fact, he even declared that this last work of his made him feel embarrassed about Australian marriage equality laws (comparing them to US’s).

Who is he dating?

There are plenty of rumors about Joel’s to be dating Dayana Reeves, a French model who he has been seen with in several pictures and in Cannes Film Festival, even posing with matching rings, but none of them has confirmed their relationship to date. Edgerton has had another engagement before, with Alexis Blake, with who he broke up with in 2013. He also was said to be dating Wanessa Wilhomem on February 2016, but this neither was ever confirmed.

Joel Edgerton Hobbies

Joel confessed that one of the things he enjoyed the most as a kid was making home movies with his old brother, with who he played them for relatives and friends. He also loves sweets, says is addicted to them, specially jelly beans and chocolate. He can’t have some in front of him because he’ll eat them, no matter if he wants or not. Edgerton likes music a lot, and likes to go to concerts frequently, even if he doesn’t know the artist.

Interesting Facts

Joel has often spoken up against piracy, above all because it’s a big problem for the copyright of directors.

His old brother is Nash Edgerton.

Joel’s first job was making French pastries and filling profiteroles with cream.
He likes to watch movies he hasn’t in flights only.

One of his favorite musicians is Hozier, who he knew by chance, attending at one of his concerts without knowing who he was.

His favorite music genre is rap, and usually listens to Public Enemy and Run DMC old songs.