Wednesday 6 January 2021

Mandy Moore Divorce

Amanda Leigh Mandy Moore, the American singer is currently expecting her first child along with her husband Taylor Goldsmith, as announced on her social media account on September 2020. Before marriying Goldsmith, she was married to Ryan Adams, the former Whiskeytown frontman. By Moore’s own words, her former husband was manipulative, controlling, and obsessive, which was accusations made against the singer by other six women. 

Prior to Adams, there was another man in Moore’s life; the former Scrubs star Zach Braff, which was a relationship that lasted for almost two years, which was in between 2004 and 2006. Moore, who has also gained name as a voice actress and the notable fact, hers was the voice behind Rapunzel in the Disney animated fantasy musical comedy film Tangled. She has also given voice for a number of series and short movies with the same theme. 

Moore began dating Ryan Adams in 2008. While being the member of rock-country band Whiskeytown, he released 16 albums and three studio albums, and later released his debut solo album after leaving the band in the year 2000, which received a lot of critical acclaim. It was in February 2009 that the couple got engaged, and on 10th March of the same year, they got married in Savannah, Georgia. Their married life seemed to be perfect from the outside until Moore decided to file for divorce from Adams in January 2015. Adams was in a trip to New York with his professional works, and Moore cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the reason for filing divorce. Even though the divorce was filed without the knowledge of Adams, he along with his wife made a statement in public that their divorce will be a ‘respectful, and amicable parting of ways’. However, Moore stated in 2019 that her former husband was emotionally abusive. 

Moore in 2015 started a relationship with Taylor Goldsmith, who is the frontman in Dawes. After two years of relationship, they became engaged in September 2017, and their marriage was held ON 18th November 2018. The wedding was a star studded one in Los Angeles, California. They remained support for each other since they met for the first time, and the couple together announced about the arrival of their first child through Instagram account in September 2020, due in 2021. 

Although the statement made by Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams explains about their amicable decision to file for divorce, her comment three years after their separation says otherwise. She includes in the seven women who had made allegations against Adams that he is manipulative, controlling and obsessive. Even though Adams denied all the allegations through his Twitter account, the statements made by Moore still remains relevant. She also stated that he former husband started to interfere in her musical career from around the year 2010, three years after they started dating. She had to face adversities in her career as he never allowed her to work with other artists, but removed her from her own works, and replaced other female artists. The relationship with Adams was sweet for Moore in the initial days, but later turned it into something unacceptable. Currently, she is expecting her first child with her second husband Taylor Goldsmith.