Wednesday 6 January 2021

Geoff Ramsey Divorce

The internet celebrity Geoff Ramsey, announced about his divorce from ex-wife Griffon Ramsey through his Twitter account on April 2018. It was a shock for the couple’s fans that they have ended their 12 year old married life. He was previously married to Sarah, but the relationship ended poorly. 

Geoff Lazer Ramsey, the American voice actor, film producer, and internet personality, met his second wife Griffon on a blind date for the first time. He admitted in an interview that he went on a date with her after canceling two consecutive dates. After dating for a few years, the duo got married on 2nd June 2005. 

Griffon Ramsey, who changed her name from Griffon O’Connell after marriage, is the American chain saw carving artist, known for her pop-culture wood sculptures. She was described as the ‘world-famous’ artist with an ‘edgy and bold style’ by the Chip Chats magazine, on the basis of her extra-ordinary works appeared at the Australian Chain saw Carving Competitions and the Butler Chain saw Carving Invitational. Her first chain saw was the one gifted by Ramsey in year 2011. Her most notable work is the one where she sculpted the wood of an Eastern red Cedar into the character called Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie franchise. 

The artist couples have a daughter named Milicent Ramsey, called as Milie, is also a famous internet personality as both her parents. Milie, born on 23rd September 2005, is a successful Youtuber, and has participated in some of the well-known series including the Sims sisters, in which she played with her nanny Chelsea. Milicent also co-hosts with her father on the program Game Kids. She has also co-hosted in The Rooster Teeth series called Schooled, along with her father Geoff Ramsey. 

In February 2017, Ramsey along with his wife Geoff created and launched a podcast called Relationship Goals, which still runs on The Rooster Teeth. The name of the program was inspired by the hashtag their online community often assigned to them, ‘hashtagrelationshipgoals’. Even though the couple separated, they made a platform for couples to explore their relationship through this program. 

There always remained indifferences between the Ramsey couples as both of them had a busy time schedule based on their professional lives. They both travelled a lot independently, and therefore had to spend a lot of time separated from each other. However, they took care of their daughter as one of them always remained with her in their hometown. It worked for a long time, approximately 15 years because of their love and support for each other, but finally both decided to get separated. 

In the end of year 2017, Geoff Ramsey announced through his Twitter account that they have decided to take separated paths amicably after 15 years of married life, which was a great shock to their fans all over the world and for The Rooster Teeth community too. Their divorce got finalized on April 2018, but the ex-couple is still keeping their friendship and care for each other intact. 

In the end of 2018, Ramsey was rumored to be in a relationship with Emily Hatfield. Any other details about their relationship is not available.