Wednesday 6 January 2021

Cynthia Bailey Divorce

Cynthia Denise Bailey, the American model, is currently married to Mike Hill, which was the relationship she finally landed after a number of proposals, marriage, and divorce. The American actress, known for her appearance in ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, has also acted in films like Without You I’m Nothing, For Love or Money, and in TV shows like The Cosby Show. She now has a life centered in the reality show, ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, and her initial appearance was on the basis of her marriage to club owner Peter Thomas. 

It was on 24th July 2010 that Bailey married Peter Thomas, where the ceremony was held at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Before meeting Thomas, she was in a relationship with Jayson Williams, who happens to be a former American basketball professional player. Williams fall in love wth Bailey, and proposed her during the Brooklyn Nets halftime show. However, it seems like the American actress was not ready for a commitment at that time, and she turned down the proposal, and returned the engagement ring to Williams himself. It is rumored that she was in a relationship with Russel Simmons. She was also involved in a romantic relationship with Leon Robinson, with whom she gave birth to their first baby on 9th November 1999, their daughter is called as Noelle.

Peter Thomas’ first appearance in the Real Housewives of America was in the third season of the series, when he married Bailey. The couple had no serious or notable fights between them, throughout their life, but they decided to call it quits after approximately six years after the wedding. The couple announced jointly about their separation through their social media accounts, and the divorce was finalized in March 2017. The process was time taking and both parties had to do a lot of shifts and traveling related to the same, like Bailey had to move away with her daughter to their new house called ‘Lake Bailey’. 

In the following year, ie, in 2018, Bailey revealed about her relationship with the Fox Sports correspondent Mike Hill, in the month of August. They got engaged in the month of July of year 2019, and later got married on 10th October 2020. As the marriage function was at a time of the Global Pandemic, strict regulations had to be followed for conducting the function. Bailey comments about the same as ‘social distancing and face masks or face shields are used, in order to take care of the 250 guests in the function. However, the function got a lot of critical pressure as the function was attended by a large number of people, and also there were pictures in which the guests are seen without face masks or any other face covering. 

Bailey still is in good contact with her former husband’s family, as she wants Thomas to remain as a good friend, and to be a part of the family always. She considers the grandchildren of Thomas as her own, and similarly, Thomas often finds time to spend with his stepdaughter.