Wednesday 6 January 2021

Colleen Ballinger/ Miranda Sings Divorce

Colleen Ballinger, the famous internet personality, also known as Miranda Sings, is living happily with her second husband Erick Stocklin. Miranda Sings is the name of Ballinger’s internet character, with which she rose to prominence. She was previously married to Joshua David Evans, who is a Youtuber and internet personality similar to Ballinger. 

Colleen Mae Ballinger, the American Youtuber, comedian, actress, singer, and writer, developed a character named Miranda Sings and posted videos on Youtube. The character received great positive response as it represented the group of Youtubers who appear in videos, unaware of the lack of talent in them. She also features lifestyle videos through her vlog channel named Colleen Vlogs. 

Colleen Ballinger met Joshua Evans in the year 2009. Their fans got an idea about their relationship in year 2012 only, when Ballinger posted a picture of Evans sitting in her car, on Instagram. After a lot of speculations, both Ballinger and Evans posted a photo of them standing together in their social media accounts on September 2012, and another one on October 2012, where they appeared to be standing together. Collin stated in the space along with the photo that they are in so love. 

The couple continued posting pictures of their intimacy on social media, which included those of the four-year anniversary celebrations of their first meet, which was in July 2013. Later in April 2014, the couple announced their engagement through Twitter and Instagram accounts. By that time, their fans had started to call them as ‘Joshleen’, which was a combination of Josh and Colleen. 

Colleen Ballinger and Joshua Evans got married on the month of July, on 2015. Evans found time to post behind the scenes videos of their tours too for their fans. It was in July 2016 that the last picture of the couple together appeared on their accouts, as it seemed to be a tumultuous period for in between the.couple. Later in October of the same year, Ballinger appeared in an emotional video, which she used to announce her separation with Evans. The real reason behind their separation is not known, but there were reports that they had arguments between them from a very early stage itself. 

Ballinger met actor Erick Stocklin in the year 2016. It was when she cast him to play Miranda, her character’s love interest in the series Haters Back Off, which was later canceled in 2017, due to some unknown reasons. Ballinger stated about the starting of their relationship as, ‘it was just a friendship, and it turned into more after some time.’ 

They finally confirmed their relationship in 2018, through their Instagram profiles, adding that ‘couldn’t hide it anymore’. Soon after a few months, Ballinger explained about her engagement, marriage, and pregnancy with Stocklin, which all happened very secretly. She described the year 2018 as the hardest one in her life, as it included all the three important occasions of her life. Balliinger and Stocklin had a baby boy, who later got named as Flynn Timothy Stocklin.