Monday 5 October 2020

Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley, the senior Pastor of North Point Community Church, and a number of other churches, was born on 16th May 1958, at Georgia, U.S. He is the son of Charles Stanley, the Pastor Emeritus of First Baptist Church in Atlanta, and Anna Johnson Stanley. He completed his degree in journalism and also master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. 

He founded North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia in the year 1995. The North Point Ministries (NPM) is currently a foundation having seven churches in the Atlanta area, and also a network of 100 churches around the globe. He is the senior pastor of not only North Point Community Church, but also others like Buckhead church, Browns Bridge church, Woodstock City church, etc. 

Stanley has authored several books including The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating, When Work and Family Collide, and Next Generation Leader. 

Andy Stanley Religion

Stanley was raised as a Christian under the Southern Baptist denomination. But he later found that his path is different from his father’s. He found the North Point Community Church, which describes itself as non-denominational. He has the concept that people mostly use religion to justify positions, especially in social and political topics. He has the opinion that the idea of religion is just the opposite of what many people thinks to be.

It is safe to assume that Stanley is a religious person, but his idea of spirituality is quite different from that of others. 

Andy Stanley Political Views

Stanley’s North Point Community Church, in contrary to most of the other churches, supports homosexuality. He considers the practise of adultery as a sin, but not homosexuality, which made a lot of discussions among his followers. 

He is also a supporter of the former President of United States, Barack Obama. He has stated in an event that the initiatives taken by Obama to support the citizens has made him the “Pastor in Chief”.

Who is he dating?

Andy Stanley got married to Sandra Stanley in the year 1988. . The couple has three children, ANDREW, Garret, and Allie. 

Andy Stanley Hobbies

As modern day problems require modern day solutions, Stanley has become a socially active man these days. He uses medias like Youtube, Instagram, etc. to spread his preaches and events to the followers. He, along with his wife Sandra, Stanley prepares Youtube videos, Instagram posts, and so on. 

He has also authored a number of books, which makes it evident that he is a good reader too. He loves reading books in the breaks of his sermons. 

Interesting Facts

    • He is listed among the ten most influential living pastors in America. 

    • His father Charles Stanley, is the founder of In Touch Ministries. 

    • He likes to bring innovations in the church, which resulted in him becoming the first pastor to install and orchestra in the church. 

    • Stanley’s wife Sandra Stanley, is a supporter of foster care services. The couple have fostered a number of children, by finding time for them in between their tight schedule.