Thursday 17 September 2020

K. J. Apa

K. J. Apa is a New Zealand actor. Besides, he is also a singer and a musician. He was born on 17th June 1997 in Auckland, New Zealand. He is the son of Keneti Apa and Tessa Apa. He is the nephew of Michael Jones who is a former rugby union player and coach from New Zealand. He started his acting career with the role of Kane Jenkins in the New Zealand primetime soap opera Shortland Street from the year 2013 to the year 2015. He then starred in many television shows and movies such as Riverdale, I Still Believe, The Hate U Give, and A Dog's Purpose, to mention a few of them. 

K. J. Apa Religion 

K. J. Apa was raised in a Christian family and surrounding. He also used to visit Church with his family members. However, he is not religious externally. It turns out that K. J. Apa has an amazing background of faith from his childhood and he held on to that in a powerful way. He had a non-religious type of role in Riverdale and therefore its team was shocked to find out about his background. He also claimed to be dependent on faith to help him out in moments of self-doubt which he faces. His ethnicity is Samoan, English, Scottish and Northern Irish.

K. J. Apa Political Views 

Recently, K. J. Apa was targeted by some critics for this silence and not showing enough support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Therefore, he responded and claimed that black lives do matter to him and it is not necessary to post his opinions or beliefs to prove them to be right. So now we know that he supports this political movement and is against racism and discrimination. 

Who is he dating? 

K. J. Apa is currently dating French model Clara Berry. They started dating few months ago in 2020. Prior to Clara Berry, he was also in a relationship with Britt Robertson and Corrine Isherwood. 

K. J. Apa Hobbies

Music is one true passion of K. J. Apa. He likes music and also sings. He also enjoys playing many musical instruments such as piano and guitar. He also had a half scholarship of music when his father familiarised him to rugby and he fell in love with it. He then equally loved singing and playing rugby. He had to stop playing rugby for acting, but he plays guitar and sings in spare time. 

Interesting Facts 

His full name is Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa. 

If you look properly and notice, you will see he has a big scar between his eyebrows. 

He loves tattoos and body arts. Therefore, he has quite some of them. His famous shoulder tattoo is a tribute from him to his family members such as his mom and two sisters. 

He is not a redhead in reality. His original hair is dark brown and he dyed his hair for the first season of Riverdale which took him about 10 hours. 

He was once ignored by New Zealand singer, Lorde, when he passed her while she was sitting in her car and he waved to her. He was disappointed when she turned away. Lorde later apologised to him for this and also invited him to tea.