Saturday 1 August 2020

Chris Pratt

Christopher Michael Pratt, the American actor, known for his acting in TV and action films was born on 21st June 1979 at Virginia, Minnesota, as the son of Kathleen Louise, who worked at a supermarket and Daniel Clifton, who remodelled houses.

The American actor did a lot of small roles in his early years, which includes Bright Abbott in Everwood, Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation, and in movies like Moneyball, Zero Dark Thirty, Wanted, Jennifer’s Body and Her.

In the year 2014, he did a leading role in The Lego Movie as Emmet Brickowski and in Guardians of the Galaxy as Star-Lord. Afterwards, he played lead roles in Avengers and Jurassic World franchise.

Chris Pratt Religion

Pratt is a devoted Christian and he has been so from his teen years itself. He is so open about his religious beliefs and his statements make it clear that he believes that all his fortunes have come from his strong faith in God.

References say that the Star-Lord actor was raised as a Lutheran and got converted to a non-denominational Christian.

Chris Pratt Political Views

Chris Pratt has said several times that he is not supportive of any political party and he believes to remain on the common grounds as a common individual. Except a case in which he donated a fair amount to the election campaign of Barack Obama, his statements remains the same. He has donated an amount of 1,000 USD to the Presidential election campaign of Barack Obama in the year 2012.

Who is he dating?

Pratt married actress Anna Faris in the year 2008 at Bali, Indonesia. Anna and Chris worked together in the movie Take Me Home Tonight. Their son, Jack Pratt had a premature birth and later, Chris has revealed that his faith in God helped in the wellbeing of his son at that time. Pratt and Faris announced that they got divorced in the year 2017.

Later in 2018, he started dating author Katherine Schwarzenegger and got married on June 2019, at California.

It is rumoured that Chris Pratt has a way of dealing with ladies acting with him and he gets romantic with every women there. Seems like he is kind of a simple and go-with-the-flow guy.

Chris Pratt Hobbies

Unlike most of the Hollywood actors, Pratt is very open about his life, his views on various fields of his life, and always is an energetic man, thereby which the ones near to him also gets an energy.

Pratt’s hobbies include hunting, fishing and he likes working on cars. It seems like he is so active in his real life also, as he is in his reel life.

It is also well known that Pratt has a good taste in music. He has done stage shows in various occasions, which shows that he is actually an all-rounder.

Interesting Facts

    • He worked as a daytime stripper before starting his acting career.
    • His nickname is Monkeyboy.
    • Pratt and his ex-wife Anna Faris had the same kind of rare hobby: collecting bugs.
    • He is the son-in-law of actor and politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger.