Friday 10 July 2020

Dafne Keen

Dafne Maria Keen Fernandez is a British-Spanish actress. She was born January 4, 2005 in Madrid, Spain. She is the only daughter of well known british actor Will Keen and Galician actress, theatre director, author and writer Maria Fernandez Ache. Dafne starter her journey from The Refugees television show in 2014, acting alongside her dad Wil Keen. She has won MTV Movie and TV awards for best duo with Hugh Jackman and Empire awards in 2018 for best female newcomer.
Her known movies or shows are-

The Refugees (2015), in which she worked alongside her father Will Keen and she was just 10 years old then.

Logan (2017) she was just 12 years old and played role as a clone.

Ana (2019), it’s an comedy drama played by her.

His Dark Materials (since 2019), she acted as Lyra.

Dafne Keen Religion:

Dafne hasn't provided any information regarding her religion yet. It looks like other celebrities, she too doesn't want to make it public or she might not be following any religion. Her celebrity parents too haven't provided any information regarding this.

Dafne Keen Political Views:

Despite taking the limelight, Dafne hasn't limelight anything about her poltics regarding views and thoughts. She hasn't spoken anything over any political issues. It looks she doesn't has much interest in politics. Another fact is that she is too young to think about politics.

Who is she dating?

According to the sources Dafne is single now but she had a relationship in the past. But no information is provided about her ex-boyfriend anywhere and she too never spoke anything about him. So we can't conclude whether the rumours were true or like other celebrities Dafne too wants to keep her love and personal life a secret for the public.

Dafne Keen Hobbies:

A little information is provided about Dafne's hobbies. She usually does rehersal as once said by her that “ toys are for other kids and my acting is my toy”. She also likes to read variety of books and learning new things. She also loves to travel and do photography. Meanwhile during her free time she surf on the internet and do many other things too. She is still her 15 so she might be spend most of her time with her family.
Interesting facts:

She has both British and Spanish nationality because her parents belongs to different nations( father British and mother Spanish). She is best known for her role as Ana Cruz Oliver in the television show The Refugees, working alongside her father. She is the daughter of celebrity parents (British actor Will Keen and Spanish actress, author, theatre director, writer Marie Fernandez Ache).
She stars as Lyra in the HBO fantasy series, His Dark Materials. She has been acting before she was a middle schooler since the age of nine. Her paternal great grandfather, Edward Curzon, was a British peer and 6th Earl Howe. She can speak both Spanish and English fluently, which helped her to get role of the pre-teen Latina mutant.