Tuesday 4 December 2018

Kent Hovind Divorce

Kent Hovind Divorce

The very controversial video maker Kent Hovind has been in trouble many times in his life.

He has been married twice in his life. His first marriage was with Jo hovind, the second one with Mary tocco.

Kent and Jo got married in 1973 and they had three children between 1977 and 1979. Unfortunately this long marriage fell apart and the couple got divorced around March of 2016.

A recent testimony by Dianne Hovind the Wife of Kent Hovind’s Older Brother stated about the divorce “He emotionally and spiritually abused his wife Jo for the whole marriage. He never loved her like Christ loves the church or treated her with kindness. She was in a subservient role. He never cared about his kids interests and did not Attend any of their activities or functions.” And “I find it pretty ironic that he judged everyone who divorced as wrong and now it’s ok because he wants to get remarried.”

Kent was remarried the same year he got divorced from Jo Hovind. This time he got married to Mary tocco. Kent admitted in one of his videos that he had his eye on Mary Tocco, a recently divorced woman at that time, since February of 2016, a full month prior to the filing of this divorce.

Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted for approximately an year. According to multiple sources, Mary Tocco has separated from Kent Hovind, via police escort, as of November, 2017 and filed for a divorce. Reasons for the breakup remain sketchy, but it can be surmised that Mary Tocco was not happy living on a compound with Kent Hovind and a bunch of unpaid Dinosaur Adventure Land “hillbilly” volunteers, as well as dealing with the self-centered, overbearing, obnoxious, controlling, condescending personal nature of Kent Hovind, as stated by so many of Hovind’s former colleagues.

About Kent Hovind

Kent E. Hovind (born January 15, 1953) is an American Christian fundamentalist evangelist and tax protester. He is a very controversial figure in the Young Earth creationist movement whose ministry’s min focus is on denial of scientific theories in the fields of biology (evolution), geophysics, and cosmology in favor of a literalist interpretation of the Genesis creation narrative found in the Bible. Hovind's views, which combine elements of creation science and conspiracy theory, are dismissed by the scientific community as fringe theory and pseudo-scholarship.

Hovind established Creation Science Evangelism (CSE) in 1989 and Dinosaur Adventure Land in 2001 in Pensacola, Florida.

Hovind began serving a ten-year prison sentence in January 2007 for federal convictions for failing to pay taxes, obstructing federal agents, and structuring cash transactions.