Friday 28 December 2018

George Clooney Divorce

George Clooney and Talia Balsam Divorce
Divorces are not always end of the stories but sometimes, the beginning of it. Be it a normal citizen or a celebrity, remarrying always opens another door and yet another tunnel, but who knows, what lies there in store. This is why, marriages as well as divorces are always mystic and dicey.

Take example of the famous George Clooney, who first married actress Talia Balsam and then parted ways, but likewise, this may have been the end of their story but George had soon set up another story for the shutterbugs and tied knot with International specialist and human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin. Since then, their life has been a fairy tale, or so the couple says.

Though the couple keeps sharing, how they keep it all glorious and humming by balancing their hectic schedules, their recent spotlight spoke just the opposite. The Clooneys were spotted for dinner in Sardania last week where the frowns were easily visible on both's faces. Sources' speculations have it that their nuptial paradise is under threat or to say it in other words, they may head for a breakup in marriage.

Their relationship is reportedly strangled due to the clashes over his feelings of suffocation and her jelousy. Amal somewhere deep down in her heart has got the fear of being treated same like his first wife. Things have turned messier to the extent of letting them sleep in separate bedrooms.

Despite of all the hurdles in wedding, George is all set to go against the odds and wants to leave no stone unturned to save their marriage. The sole reason seems to be 10 months olds twins and yet another on the way. A birdie reportedly whispered, “George loves Amal and would not trade being a dad for anything in this world. They really want to workout on their problems for the sake of kids.”

The couple still has the spark and sport alive and considers their wedding worth fighting for. Even few of the outsiders can feel the strength of their relationship. Actress Julia Roberts, a family friend, has stated, "Only when we're at their house I see the influence. In a beautiful way that all wives kind of have a beautiful, loving influence over their husbands."

It is strange that when George first revealed about his meeting with Amal to his agent David letterman, he predicted their wedding then and there only. After their grandeur destination wedding, the couple did a civil ceremony in the Palazzo Ca' Farestti. They also married on Spetember 27 at Venice Hall after obtaining licence on 7th August at Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London.

About George and Aman Clooney
George Timothy Clooney is an American actor, director, producer, screen writer and businessman and has bagged many accolades like 3 golden globe awards and two academy awards. Amal is Lebanses-British barrister for international law and specializes in human rights.