Thursday 27 December 2018

Ellen Degeneres Divorce

Ellen Degeneres Divorce

If celebrity status of any wedding gibes it a oomph enough to stay in the spotlight then the wedding being a lesbian one will be adding another feather on the cap. To top it, gossipmongers will be on high alert if such wedding is heard to be over. With all eagerness, sadness and shock, the news spreaded that the famous couple Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi are heading for a divorce after spending nine lovely years of marital bliss.

Birdies have it that 59 yeard old Ellen still wants to mend the ways but 44 year old Portia has finally given up after reportedly being vexed by the dominating attitude of Ellen. Another magazine claims that Portia has complaints of Ellen not allowing her to evolve in acting career. Yet another source has it that Portia feels threatened by Ellen's immense success and thus wants to snap out of it.

The source further revealed that the evidence of things not being well between them can also be seen, on Portia's ringless finger, which she puts on sometimes for the pretence but the day is not so far when this hush hush thing will go bashlessly public and the time has more or less arrived.

Though Ellen hardly seems to get affected by the turbulance in their marital life as sometimes back itself, the star anchor posted a spoofed pic on Instagram where she was looking pregnant. In reality, Ellen spoofed Beyonce's pregnancy announcement pic and olaced her own face and posted it on Instagram.

About Ellen and Portia's

Ellen is a 60 years old American, LGBT activist, actress, host, singer and producer. From 1994 to 1998, she started her popular sitcom Ellen and has been hosting her most popular talk show-The Ellen Degeneres Show since 2003.

Portia is an Australian and American model, philanthropist and actress. Best known for the role of Nelle Porter on American drama series, Ally Mcbeal, where she also bagged Screen actors guild award. She was first married to a documentary film maker Mel Metcalfe to get the Green Card but fate had different story in store for her and this marriage failed.

Due to her hidden sexual orientation, she secretly dated director Francesca Gregorini and claimed that till the time the tabloid pictures of the couple were not published, their love story along with her sexual orientation was unknown to her family. She broke up later on when she met Ellen backstage and soon spilled her beans about her sexual orientation and sparks took them further and Ellen proposed her with three carat diamond ring and both got engaged.

17th August 2008, both got married in the presence of their mothers and 17 other guests and started living in their Beverly Hills abode.