Friday 28 December 2018

Billy The Exterminator Divorce

Billy the Exterminator Divorce
Billy Bretherton, also known as Billy the Exterminator was famous for his show with the same name. Although the show got cancelled when billy left Vexcon due to personal issues in 2012, People still were concerned about his relationship with his wife who left the show after the first season. According to the reports billy was married twice in his life.

His first marriage was with another woman with an unknown name which was during his time in the Air Force in 1988. She was all set to be in his show but the couple got divorce and Pam resigned.

Billy’s second marriage was with Mary Bretherton. Mary appeared on his show for the first season but later left. Although there were many rumours for the cause of her sudden resignation, she did manage to do cameos throughout the show’s running time. It was rumoured that the couple was on the verge to separate. In 2012, Billy and his wife were arrested for possessing marijuana. Later, they were found not guilty and released wisthout much trouble. According to media reports, Billy and Mary’s marriage became rocky after the arrest. They were often seen fighting during the TV show but the fans denied the facts thinking it as an act for an increased rating.

There was another rumour that they argued about Mary’s supposed pregnancy. Mary neglected to inform Billy of her pregnancy. It turned out that Mary was not actually pregnant and the rumour was completely false, which made Billy angry upto the extent of him forcing Mary to resign.

In the present, contradicting the rumours, the couple is still going strong with their 1 child.

About Billy the Exterminator
Billy Bretherton was born on September 16, 1968. Billy is a highly-respected TV personality who is best known for his work on his own TV program called Billy the Exterminator. The show followed the professional life of Billy Bretherton and his brother, Ricky Bretherton. The show documented the two brothers’ day to day life as they ran Vexcon which was their family business. Some other members of the show were "Big" Bill and Donnie Bretherton (Billy’s parents) and his wife Mary Bretherton.

Billy got his big break when he appeared on the TV show Dirty Jobs. The plot of the show was having the host explore the dirtiest and disgusting jobs that no one wants to do. The show was very popular because of the bizarre things they showed. After Billy’s appearance on the show, he was contacted by the network, A&E. The company wanted to create a new show that would focus on Billy and his pest control company, which gave birth to his extremely successful show Billy the Exterminator.