Tuesday 31 July 2018

Sister Wives Divorce

Sister Wives Divorce

Daily soap operas are enticing specially because they have lot of spice in it. Sister Wives, is no different and probably reins the roost in such spice. Adding to another shocking spice of the series, the news from the sources has it that the star of Sister Wives has been leading a life without her husband, Kody. The news got its confirmation when Kody and his three out of four wives were out in Las Vegas on Feb 25 and Meri was doubtfully absent.

The reason of the outing was the celebration of 47-year old Janelle's new business venture, Strive with Jenelle. A little birdie said, “Meri is little removed from the family”. Another shocking scoop came with the whisper that Kody, 49 too, seemed to be suspiciously distant with other wives. A source said that he kept walking away and was seemingly distracted.

It's not hidden that there have been conflicts and it has been tense between Meri and sister wives. Kody not just divorced Meri to make Robyn his legal wife, but also Meri was ostracised when she was involved in a highly publicised Catfishing scandal.

Meri confessed that they are now torn family after falling in love with a man named Sam Cooper. But fate had it something else in her store, since the man whom she thought was Sam Cooper turned out to be a woman named Jackie Overtone.

I became fearful of the online relationship as I became more aware of the deception,” she said at the time. “I didn’t know how to get out of the situation without putting myself, family, and friends at greater risk. It was a very difficult time. I had a lot of anxiety.”

She continued, “My family was very concerned for our safety and angry that we had been targeted. They were relieved once I told them what was really going on and saddened that I had been so afraid of involving them that I didn’t go to them sooner.”

About Sister Wives

Sister Wives is an American television series on TLC. The show depicts the life of a polygamist family, which has Kody Brown as patriarch, his four wives and their eighteen children. The series began in Lehi, Utah but has moved to Las Vegas, Naveda in 2011.

If you are wondering why such a reality series exist, then the justification given by the brown family is that they want to combat the social prejudice for polygamy. Kody believes that his four marriage arrangement is fine since he legally married one and rest others are spiritual unions. However, this had its own consequences and led to an investigation for possible prosecution. The verdict revealed that the federal judge declared Utah laws that guard the polygamy to be unconstitutional, while citing that the state may still outlaw plural marriages, but it can't prohibit polygamous cohabitation.