Friday 7 July 2017

Zuleikha Robinson

Zuleikha Robinson is a British actress and singer, born 29 June 1977. She is known for her appearances in Hidalgo(2004), The Merchant of Venice(2004) and The Namesake(2006). She was a regular cast member of the ABC's Lost, Showtime's Homeland and Fox's The Following. She recently started appearing on ABC's Still Star-Crossed. Zuleikha's mother is of Burmese-Indian-Malay descent and her father is English with Scottish and Iranian ancestry. She was born in London and later moved to Thailand and Malaysia where she grew up.

Zuleikha Robinson Religion

Zuleikha with her interesting mix of ethnicities, practices Hinduism which she adopted from her mother and from her surroundings in Thailand and Malaysia.

Zuleikha Robinson Political Views

Robinson is not known to engage in anything that indicates an inclination towards a political stand . She is a very private person as can be seen from the shroud she has put on her dating life. 

Who is she dating?

Robinson is currently single and is incredibly private about her dating life. She has never been married and has only once ever mentioned in public about being in a relationship. There have been speculations about an affair with co-star from Lost, Naveen Andrews but with no hints from her side, these faded away. Perhaps she prefers to keep this side of her life away from the public and their watchful eyes. However her adamant nature has led to a string of rumours about her sexuality. As of now, Robinson is just an amazing actress who keeps her personal stuff, personal!

Zuleikha Robinson Hobbies

Zuleikha is passionate about her singing and spends a lot of her time in recording studios.

Interesting Facts

She is the sister of the famous British Filed Botanist Dr. Alastair Robinson.

She is an alumna of the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts in L.A.

She was chosen for the role of Moushumi in The Namesake, after the rejection of 50-60 artists, because of her resemblance to the Bengali girl role.