Tuesday 11 July 2017

Wes Anderson

An acclaimed actor, director, producer and screenwriter, Wes Anderson's movies are extremely appreciated for its unconventional and unique narration and style. Some of the movies which he has co-written, acted and co-produced are Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Squid and the Whale, The Darjeeling Limited, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Moonrise Kingdom, and the upcoming Isle of Dogs. He has received Academy Awards for best screenplay of movies like The Royal Tenenbaums, The Moonrise Kingdom and the Grand Budapest Hotel, three of which have been named by BBC as among the best-made movies since 2000. He won a Golden Globes award for the movie Grand Budapest Hotel. Wes also has earned BAFTA for best original screenplay. His movies are produced under the banner American Empirical Pictures. 

Wes Anderson Religion

Wes is an American actor who is of Swedish and Norwegian descent. He is predominantly a Christian. 

Wes Anderson Political Views

Anderson is a great filmmaker who has won several critical fame and awards. His political views are not outspoken or well-reported. His direction has been extremely unconventional and ironical. His critics call him an auteur. With the exception of The Darjeeling, all his movies have ended with a slow motion shot.

Who is he/she dating?

He is married to Juman Malouf who is a Lebanese writer, costume designer and voice actress. 

Wes Anderson Hobbies

Wes is an alumnus of University of Texas, Austin with a major in Psychology which probably explains his idiosyncratic and unique directorial ventures and characters. 

Interesting Facts

Anderson has directed several commercials for companies like Stella Artois, Prada, and American Express. 

His movies are mostly fast-paced comedies with melancholic elements adding to the idiosyncrasies.

He extensively uses flat space camera moves and is said to be obsessed with symmetrical compositions, snap-zooms, slow motion walking shots etc.

Anderson's movies often focuses around broken or unorthodox family circle.

Martin Scorcese is said to be his big fan.

He has an Italian song on his name, paying tribute to his movies.

Some of his most collaborators are Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and Jason Schartzman.