Sunday 9 July 2017

Terry Farrell

Born on November 19, 1963, Theressa Lee Terry Farrell is an American Actress and Fashion Model. Her most popular role has been that of Jadzia Dax in the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Terry Farrell's  Religion

Terry Farrell is a Christian. She has never been vocal of her religion and never shown any obscure behaviour showcasing any traditional concepts on it. She is a follower in her own way and has not publicised about it.

Terry Farrell's Political Views

Terry Farrell has been quite on her political orientation and does not have any strong views expressed. She intends to talk more about home life, Star Trek and her acting career when interviewed and does not really have any political opinions and comments on most questions asked.

Who is Terry Farrell dating?

Terry Farrell had shifted to Pennsylvania with her husband Brian Baker who she got married to in 2002. They also have a son Max. She got divorced to her husband in 2015 and is now said to have been dating Adam Nimoy and has been accompanying him on promotional duties for his documentary For Love of the Spock.

Terry Farrell's Hobbies

Terry Farrell retired from her acting career and has now become a full time housewife. This decision of her's was since she wanted to concentrate on her family. She enjoys yoga and calls it a way of exercise as well as peace. She also likes sewing and knitting and takes that up in her free time.

Interesting Facts

Terry Farrell left the show Star Trek: Deep space Nine due to her franchise executive producer Rick Berman as she wanted less show time and the Rick did not allow for it to happen.