Thursday 13 July 2017

Suzie Plakson

Suzie Plakson who was born on June 3,1958 in Buffalo,New York,USA is a multi-talented person who established herself as an actress,singer,writer,poet,artist and a coach.She's been active in the industry since 1987.She grew up in Kingston,Pennsylvania,USA.She has a trademark deep husky voice and known for her Statuesque model like figure.

She is known for her role in the TV series "How I met your mother" in which she played as Judy Eriksen.She did a number of TV episodes like CBS Summer Playhouse,Family Ties,Annie McGuise, Beauty and the Beast,Dinosaurs,The Torkelsons,Star Trek, Love and War, Johny Bravo, Family Guy, Bones etc.She also did some films which includes My Stepmother is an Alien,Bingo,Disclosure,Wag the Dog,On Edge and Red Eye.

Suzie Plakson Religion

Details regarding Suzie Plankson's religious belief and faith are not much known.As the public statements regarding her views about religious practices and belief system are hard o find,one may assume that she might be a non-religious person.

Suzie Plakson Political Views

Regarding Plakson's political views not much information is available.It seems that she might not want to involve in active politics and thus didn't release any statements regarding her political ideologies.So one can assume her as a non-political person

Who is he/she dating?

Plakson's personal life details seems hard to find.Thus her current relationship,her previous dating and boyfriends information are not readily available.So one can assume her as single.

Suzie Plakson Hobbies

Plakson was successful in hiding her personal life from the media and thus her hobbies are also unknown.Being a multi-talented personality who excelled in various forms of Art and Entertainment industry like poetry,writing etc,it can be assumed that she might be spending her spare time in indulging activities related to that.

Interesting Facts

Plakson's star sign is Gemini.She has 2 siblings,Michael Plaksin and Barbara Berger.She was the only actress who appeared in 4 different characters on various Star Trek series: Vulcan Lieutenant Selar and K'Ehelyr on Star Trek:The Next Generation (1987),the female Q on Star Trek:Voyager(1995) and Tarah in Star Trek:Enterprise(2001)