Wednesday 12 July 2017

Spencer Treat Clark

Spencer Treat Clark who was born on September 24,1987 in New York City,New York,USA is an American actor.He did his graduation in Polical Science and Economics from Columbia University,New York.He is known for his roles in Gladiator,Unbreakable and Mystic River.He began his career in 1995 by playing a role in a TV show,Another World and made his film debut in 1999 by playing a role in Arlington Road.

Some of the other films in which he was involved are It was him or us, Loverbody, Superheroes, Christmas in Cartoon town,Double Jeopardy,The babysitters,The Last house on the left,Druid Peak,The Last Exorcism part II, Deep dark Canyon, Cymbeline, The Girlfriend Game etc.Some of the TV shows in which he acted are Mad Men,The Closer,Animal Kingdom,NCIS, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D etc

Spencer Treat Clark Religion

Spencer Treat Clark's religious belief and faith is not much known.It seems that he hardly make any public statements regarding his idea about the religious belief he's having.So it can be assumed that he may be more spiritual than a religious person.

Spencer Treat Clark Political Views

Spencer Clark's political views are hard to find.It seems that he neither made any public statements regarding his views about the political parties nor their ideologies.So he may be a person who wants to keep himself away from the active politics.

Who is he/she dating?

Spencer Clark's relationship status is not known as it seems that he likes to keep his personal life matters away from public and he was successful in doing that.

Spencer Treat Clark Hobbies

Spencer Clark during his spare time likes to remain outdoors and used to travel a lot.He also has an interest in Photography and might be trying to improve his skills as a Photographer during his spare time.

Interesting Facts

He is the brother of Screenwriter Eliza Clark.His Star sign is Libra.He was nominated for the Best Supporting actor at Fright Meter Awards and Blockbuster Entertainment Award for his role in Unbreakable,The Last House on the Left respectively.He was also nominated for Best Actor at Young Artist Awards for his role in Another World.