Thursday 20 July 2017

Sheryl Lee

Sheryl Lee born on 27th April 2017 is a German born television, movie and stage actress. Well known for her roles as Laura Palmer and later as Madeleine Ferguson in Twin Peaks in the year 1990. Many other of her famous appearances included the Stuart Sutcliffe biopic Backbeat, the John Carpenter film Vampires(1998), and the TV series L.A. Doctors (1998). She is daughter to an Artist mother and architect father and is Older sister of Cinematographer / Producer Paul Lee.

Sheryl Lee Religion

“I am fascinated with all kinds of religion, but I’m not committed to any specific one” these words of Sheryl Lee bring her out as a Non-religious individual.

Sheryl Lee Political Views

Sheryl has campaigned against Fur and mistreatment of animals and is an avid member of PETA. She also participated in the 3rd Munchkin’s Project Pink annual Breast cancer awareness campaign. Other than these she has participated in many other environmentalist events and charities, like in the biodiversity protection awareness program, the Ride to Renewable project, Wolves in the American West Campaign.

Who is he/she dating?

She was married and has a son with Jesse Diamond, a photographer.She also shared a relationship with her Co-Star from Twin Peaks, David Duchovny.

Sheryl Lee Hobbies

Not much is known about Sheryl’s hobbies, however basis her background in dance we can say she has a lot of interest in Dance.

Interesting Facts

Sheryl received the Women in Film's "Woman of the Year" Award in 1995.

Sheryl by her role in Twin Peaks’ pilot episode impressed director David Lynch to such an extent that he wrote the role of Maddy Ferguson for her, in order to bring her back in the series.

Sheryl  was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called Neutropenia, which caused her to sell not just her house, but  also her Twin Peaks souvenirs, in a bid to make some money.