Thursday 27 July 2017

Samantha Smith

Sam A. Smith with birth name as Samantha A. Smith is an American actress.She was born on November 4,1969 in Sacramento,California,U.S.She is been active in field since 1969.She is known for her role in Mary Winchester on Supernatural.She made her debut in 1996 by playing a role in the film Jerry Maguire.Then she acted in a number of films like The Truth About Juliet in 1998,What planet Are You From in 2000,Dragonfly in 2002,Transforms in 2007 and The Chosen One in 2010.

She also acted in TV shows which includes Seinfeld,Wings,The Pretender,Silk Stalkings,Pacific Blue, Caroline in the City,Buddy Faro,Cold Feet,Rockin Good Times,Friends,Two of a Kind, Family law,Avalon:Beyond the Abyss,Time of your Life,Profiler,Gods Favorite,Bull,The Weber Show,Nash Bridges,Dark Angel,Just Shoot Me,Fidel,Watching Ellie,Philly,Presidio Med,The Division,NYPD Blue,Monk,Criminial Minds,McBride:Dogged,Trust Me,House,Intelligence and The Mentalist.

Samantha Smith Religion

Samantha Smith religious belief and faith are not known as not much information is available.She neither seems to have released any open statements nor expressed openly regarding her religious belief and practices.So it can be assumed that she may be a non-religious person or someone who may be more spiritual than religious

Samantha Smith Political Views

Samantha Smith seems hardly to have leaning towards any political party as not much information is readily available.So it can be assumed that she may be a person who wants to keep her political views and ideologies as a secret,well away from the public media or a person who may not be interested in politics and like to be busy in her own work.

Who is he/she dating?

Samantha smith is married and she had a son.

Samantha Smith Hobbies

Regarding the leisure time activities of Samantha Smith,not much is known.Being an actress it can be assumed that she might be spending her spare time by indulging in activities related to her field.

Interesting Facts

Samantha Smith sun sign is Scorpio.In an interview she said that Audrey Hepburn and Jiminy Cricket are her influences.She loved the music band,Green Day.She was a supporter of the Charity Project Cuddle which care for the abandoned babies.