Monday 24 July 2017

Paul McCartney

Sir James Paul McCartney is an English song writer, composer, singer  and multi instrumentalist. he was born on 18th of June 1942 in Walton hospital Liverpool England. he was born to Mary Patricia who was a nurse and James McCartney who was a volunteer fire fight in work war II. He got his primary education from Stockton wood road primary school from where he moved to Joseph Williams junior school in in belle vale. then he went to join the Liverpool institute which was a grammar school rather than a secondary modern school due to his excellent performance in 11plus exam.

He met John Lennon when he was 15 at st Peters church hall in 1957 and was soon incorporated into the band as the lead guitarist then known as the The Quarrymen. later the name of the band was changed to The Beatles and he happened to be one of the founding members of the band. some of his famous songs which was written by him were yesterday, let it be, hey jude. he along with John Lennon wrote more than 200 songs and created the best selling hit I want to hold your hand in1963. he started his solo career at the age of 28 with his own band wings. he won two grammy awards for the song band on the run.

Paul McCartney Religion

His mother was a Roman Catholic and his father happened to be a protestant, he was baptised a catholic into his mothers church. But he always said that he was raised without a religion. but along with his band he went to study under the hindu guru maharishi makes but the religion didn't stick to him. he also hinted a little bit about atheism but that too was not clarified, later on he said  he is not religious but spiritual.

Paul McCartney Political Views

He is more of an activist than a political supporter, he was seen supporting Barack Obama during the elections and since he is a British national and cannot be called a democrat its assumed that he is a liberal.

Who is he/she dating?

He had two girl friends namely Dot rhone who he. dated for two and half years and  Jane Asher and was in a five year relationship before Asher broke up. He was married thrice to first to Linda  Eastman , then to heather mills and lastly to Nancy shevell and are still married.

Paul McCartney Hobbies

Paul McCartney alway had an interest in visual arts as a teenager but was not taken into an arts school due to lack of discipline. but later he took on it as a hobby and would love to make paintings. in 1999 500 of his paintings were exhibited in England.

Interesting Facts

he was one of the four students out of 90 who got admission into Liverpool institute due to his excellent grade in  11 plus exams. he also was a great animal rights activist,