Sunday 9 July 2017

Olga Dihovichnaya

Olga Dihovichnaya with birth name as Olga Yuryenva Golyak is a Belarusian actress,writer and director.She was born on September 4,1980.She did her graduation at the Belarusian state University in 1997.Later she moved to Moscow to work for the TV company VID.She is well known for her appearance in the film "Twilight Portrait" which was premiered at Venice Film Festival.

She also acted in some other films like Life,House of Others, Dengi,Welcome Home,Two days,The Kopeck,Weekend,Gorodskie shpiony etc.She displayed her skills as a writer in the films Twilight Potrait and Welcome Home.

Olga Dihovichnaya Religion

When it comes to the religion practices of Olga Dihovochnaya,not much is known as it seems that she was not issuing any statements about that.Going by the religious proportion of the Belarus one can assume that she may be following Orthodox Christianity. 

Olga Dihovichnaya Political Views

Olga Dihovochnaya is assumed to be a non-political person as it seems that her statements about political views are hard to find.So it may be assumed that she don't want to go public about her political ideologies.

Who is he/she dating?

Olga Dihovochnaya is reportedly single.She was married to the writer-director Ivan Dykhovichny in 1999 who died from lymphoma in 2009 at the age of 61.

Olga Dihovichnaya Hobbies

Olga Dihovochnaya leisure times activities are not much known and it may be assumed that she like to keep her personal life details away from the public.As a writer,actor and producer one may think that she might be doing something related to the entertainment industry in her leisure time.

Interesting Facts

She had acted in TV series City Spies,and in TV Mini-series Money.She won the Best female Performance award in Art Film Festival in 2012.As a director her film Portret V Sumerkakh won the Best Film Award in Cotbus Film Festival of Young East European Cinema.