Saturday 8 July 2017

Michael Stuhlbarg

Michael Stuhlbarg was born on the 5th of July 1968. He is an American actor famous for his work in films like A Serious Man 2009, Man in Black 3 2012, Blue Jasmine 2013 and Steve Jobs 2015. He was also seen in many television series like Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order, Ugly Betty, The American Experience, Boardwalk Empire and Fargo. He was last seen in the 2016 movie Doctor Strange and will next be seen in the 2017 Steven Spielberg movie The Papers.

Michael Stuhlbarg Religion

Michael was raised as a reformed Jewish. He attended Hebrew school, he had a bar mitzvah, he had a communion and also attended Jewish camp. He believes his religion is a big part of his life. Michael is a person who is more spiritual than being religious. He believes he possess spiritual resonance as opposed to particularly of Judacism.

Michael Stuhlbarg Political Views

Michael has not spoken much about his political views on the news or on any of his social media websites. He seems to be in harmony with the politics in the country and has nothing to say about it. It is good to say that Michael is non political. Although he is the son of the famous philanthropist Mort Stuhlbarg who has supported several charitable causes in the past.

Who is he dating?

Michael got married to his long time girlfriend Mai-Linh Lofgren in 2013. They were dating for a long time before getting married. There have been rumors in the news that the couple is expecting their first child together.

Michael Stuhlbarg Hobbies

Michael wanted to be a cartoonist as a child and hence enjoys drawing or creating cartoons in his free time. He enjoys theatre and has done lots of theatre work which Michael believes makes his on screen work more energized and spontaneous.

Interesting Facts

He frequently plays real life characters.

He is also trained on how to mime with Marcel Marceau while studying at the World Centre.

He started acting at the young age of 11.