Sunday 9 July 2017

Michael J. Pollard

Michael J. Pollard who was born on May 30,1939 is an American actor.He is the son of Sonia V and Michael John Pollack.Though his parents are of Polish descent,the federal census of 1940 cites the birthplace of his mom and dad being New York and New Jersey respectively.His father, Michael John Pollack worked as a Bartender at O'Rourke's tap room for around 60 hours per week in supporting the family during that period.

Michael J. Pollard attended the Montclair Academy and gained valuable stage experience at his young age which was useful for him in becoming an actor.Michael J.Pollard was well known for his role in crime film,Bonnie and Clyde in 1967.Some other films in which he was involved are Hemingway's Adventure of a Young Man,Niagara falls, Jigsaw,Caprice,Dirty little Billy,Four of the Apocalypse, The wild Angels, The stripper,Enter laughing etc.

Michael J.Pollard Religion

Michael.J.Pollard is of Polish descent.His views regarding the religion he is following or the belief he had seems not to be easily find by one.So one can assume that he likes to keep his belief and faith himself or he may be a non-religious person who is less bothered about the religious practices and rituals.

Michael J.Pollard Political Views

Michael J.Pollard public statements regarding his political stand and the ideologies he is supporting seems hard to find.Thus it can be assumed safely that he had a very little or no interest in politics and might not want to get involved in the active political discussions.

Who is he/she dating?

Michael.J.Pollard seems to be single now and was married to Beth Howland in 1961.They spent their life together from 1961-1969 before the couple got divorced.They have a child.

Michael J.Pollard Hobbies

What Michael J.Pollard do in his leisure time,is very little known, atleast to the public.Jim Lowe a DJ turned singer known for "The Green Door" recorded "Michael J.Pollard for President" on the Buddah Records label in 1968.

Interesting Facts

A model kit of Michael J.Pollard "Flower Power 1936 Ford" was released by AMT.It was Pollard who suggested the title for the traffic song "The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys".He was one of the few actors who appeared in both classic sci-fi shows "Lost in Space" and "Star Trek".

Michael J.Fox an actor whose real middle initial is "A" said that he adopted the letter "J" in his name in homage to Michael.J.Pollard.