Tuesday 4 July 2017

Mark Sheppard

Mark Sheppard is a musician and English-American actor who was born on 30th May, 1964 at London, England,UK. Mark is the son of famous actor W. Morgan Sheppard. he is known for his role of King of hell in supernaturals(2005) and Battlestar Gallactica(2004 TV series). He was also liked in the role of inter pole investigator as  James Sterling in Leverage(2008-2012 TV series) and Firefly. At the age of 15 he became professional musician. He has enjoyed many years in recording and involved with Irish group Light a big fire. He voiced the role of protagonist Michael Ford in The Conduit whose mentor, John Adams, is voiced by his father W. Morgan Sheppard. Since 2011 he has given his voice for the announcements on BBC America.

Mark Sheppard Religion

Mark has British-American ethnicity from his fatherhood and mother's details are kept secret by him and his famous father. So we can only assume that he has born and brought up as Christian. But regarding his religious faith and beliefs he has not commented ever on social media. He is quite talented person who has made his father proud and we hope acting and music is his true religion. 

Mark Sheppard Political Views

Mark has not commented ever about his support to any political party. Due to his appearance on so many TV shows, TV critic Maureen Ryan mused that Congress had passed the 'Mark Sheppard Full Employment Act'. He is official announcer on BBC America but Mark didn't open his cards ever about his political reviews.

Who is he dating?

Mark was engaged to Jessica Sheppard for 10 long years since 2004 to 2014. In the early of 2014 he started dating Sarah Louis Fudge who is Australian mining heiress. The coupled announced their official engagement in 2015. In the November of 2015 they got married secretly and in August it was disclosed that Sarah was pregnant. The couple blessed with a baby girl. The daughter's name is Isabelle and she was born in March, 2016.

Mark Sheppard Hobbies

Mark Sheppard is fond of theaters. Sheppard starred in the American production of the play Cock and Bull Story (directed by Midnight express author Billy Hayes), for which he won numerous awards, including the 1992 L.A. Drama Critics' Circle award and the LA weekly and Dramalogue awards. He is quite skilled in voice modulation. In many video games, films and radio he has given his voice.

Interesting Facts

His full name is Mark Andreas Sheppard.
He has worked with actor Adam Baldwin in 5 projects: i.e. Lover's Knot(1995), farewell, My Love (2000),Firefly(2002),Evil eyes (2004), and Chuck (2007).
He was a successful musician who toured with many music bands.
Since 1990 he has left alcohol
He has won LA's drama  critic award in 1992.