Sunday 9 July 2017

Margaret Colin

Margaret Colin is an American actress, born May 26,1958, from Brooklyn, New York. Popular for her roles in As the World Turns(Margo Hughes) and Gossip Girl(Eleanor Waldorf-Rose), she has been in the industry for over four decades with her debut being in a soap opera, The Edge of Night. She is of Irish descent.

Margaret Colin Religion

Colin had a Roman Catholic upbringing and still goes to church every Sunday with her family. She does not make a show of her religious beliefs but has been found to be a faithful churchgoer and firm believer.

Margaret Colin Political Views

Margaret Colin is a pro-life activist and has participated in many campaigns for the cause in New York City. She was formerly the honorary co-chair of the movement, Feminists for Life, which is opposed to abortion. She is now honorary board member of Feminists for Non-violent choices, which is separate from the Feminists for Life movement. 

Who is she dating?

Margaret met her husband, Justin Deas, on the sets of As the World Turns, when he played her love interest in the film. They married in 1988 and have two sons of their own as well as a daughter from Justin's first marriage. 

Margaret Colin Hobbies

Colin performs in stage acts and theatre productions during her free time. She enjoys making a statement through her acts as she did through the performance of an English play, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg on Broadway, where she smoked her way through the entire second half of the play to show her defiance against the state's smoking ban. 

Interesting Facts

Margaret Colin's father is a New York City police officer.

She played Jacqueline Kennedy in the play Jackie which opened in New York City in 1997.

She graduated from Baldwin High School in 1976 and then attended Hofstra University.

Her brother, John, is a special education teacher for NYC schools.