Sunday 9 July 2017

Jon Heder

Jon Heder was born in the year of 1977 on 26th October in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. His name at the time of birth was Jonathan Joseph Heder. He has acted in many movies and also produced many movies. He is known for Napoleon Dynamite released in the year 2004, Blades of Glory released in 2007 and Surf's Up released in 2007. He attended Walker Middle School in Salem and graduated from South Salem High School in 1996, he was a member of the Drama Association and was also in the swim team.

Jon Heder's  Religion

Jon Heder family when moved to Oregon Jon started to be active in the Mormon Church. Jon Heder also went on a religious mission to Japan. Jon stayed in Japan for two years and during his stay he learned to speak fluent Japanese

Jon Heder's Political Views

Not much is known about Jon heder's view about politics. He is never been active nor seen interested in politics.

Who is he dating?

Jon Heder met his wife Kirsten Bales when he was studying in Brigham Young University. Jon Heder and Kirsten got married in the year 2002 and are still going strong together. Jon and Kirstem had three children, one daughter and two sons, daughter name is Evan and sons names are Philio and Timothy. In July 2016, the couple had an announcement to be made that they were expecting another child. They both became parents of a daughter their fourth kid on 16th December 2016

Jon Heder's Hobbies

Not much is known or read about hobbies of Jon Heder. But since he is into acting and have done many stunts himself it can be understood his hobbies must be related to acting and action secences.

Interesting Facts

Jon Heder has a twin brother named Daniel, three other brothers and a sister too. Spent two years in Japan on the traditional proselytizing mission for The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. Jon Heder's father Jim was the older brother of WCAU sportscaster Vai Sikhema's Wife, Keala. Jon has multiple ancestry which includes Swedish, Danish, English, German, Scottish and Dutch.