Tuesday 18 July 2017

George Clooney

George Timothy Clooney was born on the 6th of May 1961. He is an American actor, filmmaker, activist, businessman and philanthropist well known for his work in film like From Dusk Till Dawn 1996, One Fine Day 1996, Batman & Robin 1997, Out of Sight 1998, Three Kings 1999, The Perfect Storm 2000, Ocean's Eleven 2001, Solaris 2002, Intolerable Cruelty 2003, Ocean's Twelve 2004, Syriana 2005, The Good German 2006, Ocean's Thirteen 2007, Leatherheads 2008, Up in the Air 2009, The American 2010, The Descendants 2011, Gravity 2013, The Monuments Man 2014, Tomorrowland 2015, Hail, Caesar! 2016 and Money Monster 2016.

George Clooney Religion

Clooney comes from a devout Catholic family and as a kid he did agree that he went for confession every week. He has outgrown his childhood religion and believes that he is an Agnostic. He did mention that he does not believe in heaven or hell and what he believes in is life which exists and doesn't want to waste it. Although he doesn't believe in god or religion, he respects all other religions.

George Clooney Political Views

Clooney claims to be a liberal. He mentioned that Liberal Movement has always stood for the right things like the blacks must be given equal rights, women should be able to vote and that Vietman was a mistake. He also addressed the United Nations Security Council against the genocide efforts in Darfur. He also supported Obama in the 2008 elections and also fights for Gay Rights. Its safe to say that he is actively involved in the politics of the nation.

Who is he/she dating?

Clooney is married to British-Lebanese human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin since September 27th 2014. Amal then gave birth to their twins on 6th of June 2017, daughter Ella and son Alexander. Clooney has been in a relationship with Kelly Preston, Ginger Lynn Allen, Lisa Snowdon, Renee Zellweger, Krista Allen, Sarah Larson, Elisabetta Canalis and Diva Stacy Keibler. He was also married to Talia Balsam from 1989 to 1993. 

George Clooney Hobbies

Clooney likes to play baseball, basketball, card games and tennis. He also enjoys listening to music and travelling in his free time. He likes hanging out with his friends, swimming and writing too. He also likes riding motorcycles. 

Interesting Facts

He tried out for the position on the Cincinnati Reds baseball team in 1977 but did not pass the first round of cuts.

He was the best man at the wedding of Richard King.

He lived in a friend's closet and rode a bicycle to auditions as a struggling actor.

He had two dogs Bud and Lou.