Thursday 13 July 2017

Ever Carradine

Ever Carradine with birth-name as Ever Dawn Carradine is an American actress.She was born on Aug 6,1974 in Los Angeles,California,USA to Robert Carradine and Susan Snyder.Her father was an actor and her mother was a horse trainer's assistant.She has 2 half siblings Marika Reed Carradine and Alexander Carradine.She graduated from Lewis & Clark College in Portland,Oregon.She started Anthropology as her Major and changed it to Theatre in midway during her graduation.

She was known for her roles in Once and Again and Commander in Chief.She made her film debut in 1996 by playing a role in Foxfire and then continued to do more films which includes Lost and Found,Ropewalk,Bubble Boy,Life without Dick,Dead & Breakfast,Guns for Hire,Frank Vs God,Truck Stop,Lucky 13.She also appeared in TV episodes like Born into Exile,The Sentinel, Alright Already,Party of Five,Veronica's Closet,Conrad Bloom, Lucky,Line of Fire,Grey's Anatomy.

Ever Carradine  Religion

Details regarding the religious practice and the belief which Ever Carradine was following was hard to find as it seems that she neither released any public statement nor talked in public regarding her views about religious practices and belief system.So she can be assumed as a non-religious person.

Ever Carradine Political Views

Ever Carradine's views regarding her political ideologies are not easy to find.So one can assume her as a neutral person who don't want to involve herself in active politics. 

Who is he/she dating?

Ever Carradine was married to Coby Brown on October 1,2005.They have two children.Her first Child, Chaplin Haddow Brown was born on August 9,2010 and her second child Samuel Hauck Brown was born on July 30,2015.

Ever Carradine Hobbies

During her College days,she used to play Volleyball and skied during her spare time.She also enjoys Horse back riding,Bowling and Playing Scrabble.

Interesting Facts

She was a Judge at the Second Noor Iranian Film Festival which was held in 2008.Carradine resides in Los Angeles.Ever Carradine played recurring roles in the TV series,Eureka.