Saturday 15 July 2017

Courtney Eaton

Courtney Eaton is an Australian Actress and Model. Born on January 6, 1996 she was born in Bunbury, Western Australia. She is famous for her role as Cheedo The Fragile in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. She also portrayed the role of Zaya in the film Gods of Egypt. She was discovered at the age of 11 by Christine Fox, who was at that time head of Vixen’s Models. She started her modeling career at the age of sixteen. She now works under the brand Next Models. She will now appear alongside Ross Lynch in the comedy movie Status Update. Though she is a teenage actress, she has established herself as an actress with looks.

Courtney Eaton Religion

Courtney Eaton’s father is of English descent. He is an IT manager in Australia. He is of English descent. Her mother is from New Zealand. She has ancestral roots in China, Maori and Cook Islands. Her ancestral roots are spread in Pan- Asia region. She is Roman Catholic. Her ethnicity is white and her star sign is Capricorn. She most tries to avoid the media and hence much information is not known.

Courtney Eaton Political Views

Courtney Eaton is an Australian actor and model. As she is in Australia, she never comments about the politics in America or other countries. She makes sure to avoid press and paparazzi and hence the American Media or International Media doesn’t know much about her political inclination. She hardly made any comments or tweets about Donald Trump’s victory.

Who is she dating?

Courtney Eaton is never really in the news regarding her private life. However, her sexual orientation is straight. She never dated any of her school friends. News of her dating American actor and musician Ross Lynch has emerged. Ross Lynch will be sharing the silver screen along with Ms. Eaton. This news has been doing the rounds recently. However, this hasn’t been confirmed by either Eaton or Lynch.

Courtney Eaton Hobbies

Courtney Eaton has accounts in almost all the social networking websites. She has thousands of following in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. She likes to stay in touch with all her fans and hence often uses the social networking platforms to connect to fans all around the world. She likes running and uses it as a medium to stay fit. Jogging is essential part of her daily routine. Though only few have seen her liking towards running, those close to her like the fact that she likes to run.

Interesting Facts

She made her silver screen debut at the age of 17. Courtney Eaton likes tulips and vanilla scent. Instead of shopping at high profile shops, she likes shopping at Target.