Thursday 6 July 2017

Missy Peregrym

Born on June 16, 1982, Missy Peregrym is a Canadian actress and a former fashion model. She is well known was her role as Officer Andy McNally on the ABC and the Global television network series Rookie Blue which was on air between 2010-2015.  Missy had started work at the age of 18 as a print model and had soon shifted to do commercials for big brand names like Mercedes Benz, Sprint Canada and the Olympic Games. She made a debut in the film industry in 2006 with the movie Stick It.

Missy Peregrym  Religion

Missy was born to a father who was a minister in Montreal and a mother who was a housewife. Her childhood had been filled with traditional christian values, she is not an ardent follower as her childhood in a traditional christian family always made her feel suffocated. Her ex husband Zachary had publicly admitted to being a progressive christian by religion, Missy had always looked forward to putting across her own modern opinions diverging from the old age Christianity.

Missy Peregrym Political Views

Missy was not a very politically oriented person. She believed in charitable work. In 2006, she had joined forces with TOM, a non political movement dedicated to provide safe footwear to communities in South America. Missy has also spoken about her experiences in Argentina and the impact they had on the communities she visited.

Who is Missy Peregrym dating?

Before getting married to Zachary Levi in 2014, Missy had dated two other stars namely Brandon Countee and Ben Roethlisberger who was also her co star in the famous television series Rookie Blue. At present, Peregrym has separated from her husband and had filed for divorce in April 2015.

Missy Peregrym Hobbies

Missy had always been keen on maintaining her fitness levels to play the beautiful cop she was in Rookie Blue. Her scheduled comprised of playing Tennis and Basketball which were her hobbies and fitness mantras.

Interesting Facts

Missy is a strict follower of her diet. Her diet plans only include organic foods which are a reason of her flawless skin as well. Missy has also derived her athletic shape from her school day participation in hockey, soccer, basketball and gym. She is not very tall as well but has immensely excelled in her career of modelling. She also did a cameo in the movie Catwoman in 2004 which was not given any credits for.