Monday 10 July 2017

Ariana Richards

Ariana Richards with birth name as Ariana Clarice Richards is an American actress and a professional painter.She was born on September 11,1979 in Healdsburg,california,USA.Her father Gary Richards was a film producer and her mother Darielle was a Public Relations representative.

She was known for her child artist roles in Jurrasic Park,Tremors and Prancer and won several Young Artist Awards.But as she grown up, she shifted her focus from acting to painting and became a Professional Painter.

Ariana Richards Religion

Ariana Richards was a christian but not much is known regarding in which sect of Christianity she believes in.Being a person in the Art industry,one may assume that she may not have any aggressive approach about her religious belief.

Ariana Richards Political Views

Ariana Richards views regarding the political parties are not much known as she hardly released any statement in support of the political parties.So it can be assumed safely that she may not want to get involved in active politics and like to be a neutral person.

Who is he/she dating?

Ariana Richards was married to Mark Aaron Bolton in 2013 and the couple seems to be enjoying their marriage life ever since.The couple was blessed with a baby on November 2015.

Ariana Richards Hobbies

Being a professional Painter, she seems to be spending her leisure time in contributing to her art work and in taking care of her child.Apart from these her leisure time activities are not much known to the public.

Interesting Facts

Ariana Richards owns a horse and named it as Kindred Spirit.She was the elder sisiter of Bethany Richards.Her maternal Grand parents are of Italian descent.She is selling lithographs through Universal Studios and is a professional Graphics Artist.

The ace director Steven Spielberg was having a watercolors in his office which was painted by her.She was also the sponsor for the Starlight Foundation for Children.She won the Awards of Excellence by Art of the West in 2006.She won the first place for her painting "Lady of the Dahilas" in the National Professional Oil painting Competition.