Thursday 13 July 2017

Anjela Nedyalkova

Anjela is a Bulgarian actress best known for her role in director Danny Boyle's drama comedy T2: Trainspotting. Prior to that she has acted in movies made in her home country such as Ave, The Bulgarian Rhapsody and The Paradise Suite. Her character in T2:Trainspotting is said to add fuel to this amzing sequel.  Surprisingly she is a super-talented tightrope walker and was spotted by director Danny Boyle.

Anjela Nedyalkova Religion

Born in Bulgaria, Anjela's religion can be guessed a Christian. 

Anjela Nedyalkova Political Views

A novice in the world of Hollywood and showbiz, Anjela's political views and opinions are off the record and there are no reports of her personal preferences either. Her success in the upcoming projects will decide her fame, destiny and tendencies. 

Who is he/she dating?

At the young age of 25, Anjela hasn't been associated or rumoured to be in a relationship. Nevertheless, time will talk about the love life of this dynamic actress.

Anjela Nedyalkova Hobbies

Although she began learning film direction at the National Film Academy in Sofia but soon dropped out of it. This clearly demonstrates that this artist was mostly fond of direction or film-making. Now that she has become a part of this fim industry, her hobbies might come into fruition soon. Other than that, she is known to be an amazing slackliner or rather a tighrope walker, as also praised by Danny Boyle. 

Interesting Facts

Although a relatively unknown face in Hollywood, her character in T2:Trainspotting has been dubbed as exciting and fans have been appreciating it.

She attended the Spirit of Burgas festival in Bulgaria and reportedly said that she enjoyed the work of the firestarters. 

She plays the character of Veronika who is the girlfriend of Sick Boy character Johny Lee Miller.