Tuesday 27 June 2017

Ruben Östlund

Claes Olle Ruben Östlund is a renowned Swedish film director, screenwriter, film editor and producer. He was born on 13 April, 1974 in Styrso, Sweden. He began his professional journey, in 1990s, as a director of skiing films. He produced his first feature film, in 2004, titled Guitar Mongoloid. Some of his best works include 2008 movie Involuntary,2011 movie Play, 2014 movie Force Majeure and 2017 movie The Square. He is very successful as a director who has received honours for most of his films. His recent film, The Square was honoured with the prestigious Palme d’Or at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. His 2014 movie Force Majeure was also won the jury award in the Un Certain regard division at the Cannes Film festival (2014). He has also been receiving offers from Hollywood.

Ruben Östlund Religion

Little is known about Ruben’s religious beliefs as he chooses to keep mum on religious topics.  Additionally, nothing is known about his ancestral background from which one can develop some idea about his faith. In the absence of reliable information, it would be wrong to comment on director’s religion.

Ruben Östlund Political Views

Ruben has kept his political views behind the curtains and has never publically talked on the issue, despite always being in limelight. He doesn’t seem to have given any political comments which can help us infer about his political views. However, it would be safe to assume that he might be liberal in his approach.

Who is he dating?

Ruben Östlund is has been dating Sina Görtz since 2016. They have been spotted together at various occasions and events. Sina Görtz, who is a fashion photographer, belongs to Hamburg, Germany. The couple is quite open on the questions of their relationship and has confirmed their relationship status on their social media handles.
There are no official records for Ruben’s past affairs or marriage.

Ruben Östlund Hobbies

Ruben has a fascination for skiing. In fact, it was his passion for skiing that drove his interest in cinematography. In initial years, he viewed filming of sport as a means of financing his love for skiing, and gradually developed love for filmmaking.
Besides, Ruben has particular interests in human behaviour and psychology, as it is from there that he smokes the plot for most of his films.

Interesting Facts

Ruben was admitted in the film school in Gothenberg on the basis of his skiing films.
He is one of the founding member of Plattform Production, the production company producing his films.
The only Hollywood offer that Ruben actually wanted to work on was Passengers. However, his idea was to change the setup of the movie, which was not much liked by the producers.