Thursday 22 June 2017

Richard Madden

Richard Madden is a Scottish actor born in Elderslire, Renfrewshire, in June 18th, 1986. He has earned recognition for his role of Robb Stark, in the famous HBO TV series, Game of Thrones, and also because of playing Prince Kit in Disney’s Cinderella. Richard has been acting since 1999, when he debuted on a TV show that year, Barny Aunt Boomerang, as Sebastian Simpkins. The show had 20 episodes. The first movie he appeared in was Complicity (2000) as the young version of Andy, and the last one, Bastille Day (2016) as Michael Mason.

Richard Madden Religion

Madden seems to be a very humble and reserved men. He being Scottish should give us reasons to think that he maybe is Roman Catholic, but apparently he has no religion at all, although he believes in God, according to an interview. Besides that there is no proves of that in his social media, so it’s up to his to make their own conclusions.

Richard Madden Political Views

Madden wrote a whole article about his political position to support the Scottish Green Party. Through the article he explains why he leans to that current, alleging that it’s necessary to implement its proposals in Scotland. Environment and climate defense, renewable energy, free education, world-class health service and anti-war politics are just some of the actions he totally agrees with.

Who is he dating?

Richard is currently dating Jenna Coleman, an English actress, and they have been in a relationship since late 2011. Richard has said he believes in love at first sight, however, there aren’t either signs of former relationships in his twitter account or any rumors about it, so that it’s possible to believe that Jenna has been his most formal girlfriend until now.

Richard Madden Hobbies

One of the greatest Madden hobbies is to dress well, he says he likes people to think “Wow, he knows how to dress!” it’s something that impassions him. Another thing he likes a lot is watching movies, Disney ones above all. He has said that when he was younger, his sisters and he watched them all. His favorite is Aladdin (1992). Another of his passions is sci-fi and fantasy stuff; he is fan of Dr. Who and has watched it since he was a kid. Richard also loves reading and sleeping until late.

Interesting Facts

His mother, Path, is a classroom assistant, and his father, named Richard too, is part of the fire brigade.

He has two sisters named Cara and Lauren.

He admitted he was an over-weighted teenager, during high school and drama school. This changed when he had to make a scene, naked; this is how he realized he had to change his health and appearance.

He went to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

He has been accused of taking up too much space in the subway.