Wednesday 21 June 2017

Rachael leige cook

Rachael leige cook was born on october 4,1979 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is very talented celebrity as she is an American actress, model,  voice artist and producer. She is renowned for her roles in films She's all that, josie and the pussycats and TV series Into the westwood and perception.

Rachael leige cook's Religion

She is of part Italian descent. She may feel that god will punish her if she doesn't make her conscience go right.
Her attitude towards religion is very conservative and narrow minded. She always thrives for spiritual aspirations. She may go through periods of asceticism,  self denial and in depth study of religious practices. 

 Rachael leige cook's Political Views

She was selected as a champion of change for arts education by the Obama administration in the year 2011. She began to award small scholarships that helped students pay for career classes, mentoring programmes and other school fees aged between 14 to 19, in june 2012. In one of her tweets she mentioned "opposing political ideals is necessary to maintain the balance in government and a true democracy".

Who she dating?

She dated actor Daniel Gillis for less than A year followed by marrying him in august, 2004. They have two children: daughter Charlotte easton gillis and Theodore vigo sullivan gillis. 

 Rachael leige cook's Hobbies

She likes to spend time with her family and friends. 

Interesting Facts

Began auditioning to become an actor at the age of 14.

Owns a production company named Ben's sisters production. 

Cook is a vegetarian.