Monday 26 June 2017

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas cage is an actor and product with his list of films ranging from comedy to science fiction, which brought him world-wide fame. Many of his films were block-busters at the box office. Audience accepted hims as a full entertainer, his films like Ghost Rider, Leaving Las Vegas, and Face/Off received good response and made good business across continents.

At his early career days, he changed his name from Nicolas Kim Coppola to Nicolas cage for good luck, it worked very well with him. Initially he struggled to make big in the film industry, he used to sell popcorn at the movie theaters, thinking that one day he will get a chance to be a part of films. His uncle Francis helped him to get a small role in Rumble Fish, since then never looked back. Eventually, Success came in his way.

Nicolas cage is recipient of many awards and accolades including an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Awards. His role model is James Dean, after watching his film 'Rebel without a Cause', he started dreaming to be like Dean.

Nicolas Cage Religion

He was brought up in a Catholic family, but his parents never imposed religious thoughts in his mind, since childhood. He never followed any religion, and ignores questions on religion when asked by someone. 

Nicolas Cage Political Views

Not much we can say about his political views and thoughts, he was far away from any type of politics, and always concentrated on making good films. He is most generous actor in the Hollywood and donated billions of dollars for the uplifting of poor and needy. For his good work, he was honored by United Nations.

Who is he dating?

He was rumored to have many relationships with beautiful woman and married three times in his life. He had a son named Weston Coppola with Chistina Fulton after dating her two years. He married Patricia Aequette, Presley and recently he divorced his third wife Alice Kim.

Nicolas Cage Hobbies

He loves to collect comic books, and he takes inspiration from its characters. He changed his name to cage after a comic characters, and also named his son as Kal-el Coppola Cage inspired by comic character "Kal-el”.

Interesting Facts

Cage used to say that , he owns a "Most Haunted House in America," a home located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Cage ate cockroach for the movie Vampire's Kiss.

He hates violence, despite having worked on various action movies.

Cage booked a tomb for himself in saint Louis cemetery New Orleans.

He is Elvis Presley fan from his childhood days.