Friday 30 June 2017

Nathan Fillion

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Nathan Fillion was born on March 27, 1971. He is a Canadian-American actor and is famous for his lead roles in Castle, which was cast on ABC family, where he played the role of the protagonist Richard Castle, as well as portrayal of Richard Malcolm in the show ‘Firefly’ which was followed up by its feature film, ‘Serenity’. Fillion was born and brought up in Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada. His family consists of four members: His parents, Cookie and Bob Fillion and his elder brother, Jeff.

Nathan Fillion Religion:

  Nathan Fillion attended ‘the holy trinity school’ which was a catholic school. Despite this, he is a non religious person and feels uncomfortable talking about it. He feels insecure talking about topics like religion, politics and money in an open manner and thus remains obscure from the limelight. Fillion tweeted on 30th October, 2014 saying ‘I love this Pope’, suggesting that he might have a religious side too. Yet, we know too little to be certain.

Nathan Fillion Political Views:

Even though Fillion wishes to be discreet with his religious and political views, he does seem to open up, just a little bit at times. During the 2012 US elections, Fillion voted for Obama. This was apparent in the tweets that he would put up at that time, calling Republican party candidate, Mitt Romney, a ‘slimy, lying toolbag’. He clearly was against Mitt Romney’s success, which shows that he was a supporter of the democrats.

Who is he dating?

Nate has been pretty busy in the dating scene. He is said to be a handsome and charming man, because of which he has been in seven relationships till now. He dated actresses Felicia Day and Kate Luyben, in 1995 he was with Vanessa Marcil, after which he was serious with Perrey Reeves whom he married in 2005 and divorced in 2009, Stana Katic from 2009-12, and Christina Ochoa from 2012-13. At present he is with Michaela Hoover.

Nathan Fillion Hobbies:

Fillion loves playing video games and collecting comic books. He is multi-talented and has acted in various genres. He has worked with traditional films like Slither; internet distributed ones like Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, and has appeared in several television films and soap operas. He is also a good voice actor, and has voiced many video games.

Interesting Facts:

·         Fillion has claimed to be the successor of ‘General Jubal Early’, who was a general in the Confederacy during the American Civil War. Normally Fillion is not much into politics but because of his ancestor, he feels inspired to have his own views.

·         He is deaf in one ear and lost his hearing in 1977 due to an injury.

·         Before his co-star, Stana Katic on the show Castle was hired, Fillion auditioned with 125 actresses for the role of Kate Beckett.

·         He is friends with the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trideau.