Wednesday 21 June 2017

Lori Petty

Lori Petty is an American actress born October14th, 1963. She got to be known for her role in the cult movie Point Break (1991), acting as Tyler Edicott. Since that, she became a sex symbol of the 90’s. Other films that increased her fame were A League of Their Own (1992), in which she had the role of Kit Keller, and Tank Girl (1995), where she played the main character.  More recently, she appeared as a guest-star in the 2nd season of the Netflix original show, Orange is the New Black, as Lolly Whithill, which becomes a permanent character in the 3rd and 4th season.

Lori Petty  Religion

Lori is known for being a very controversial star. Although she is daughter of a Pentecostal minister, it is no secret that she is not that involved in religion. Once in her tweeter account she expressed herself about this topic, asking people to please stop with religion and to “pray in the closet”,  referring to that it is better to keep one’s beliefs to ourselves, instead of making them public and boasting them.

Lori Petty Political Views

As we can see, Tori is not fan of exposing her beliefs aloud, but in spite of she doesn’t tweets about politics herself that much, she does have several retweets in which she openly declares herself anti-Trump’s government. However, she hasn’t made any known comments about Democrat Party or about the former President of United States, Barack Obama.

Who is she dating?

There is not much information about Lori’s love life, which apparently she prefers to keep in private, which has unchained a lot of rumors about her sexuality, which are further intensified because of playing a lesbian role for the Netflix show. However, she was known to be dating David Alan Grier, actor and comedian, in 1994, but then they broke up. It is very probable Lori to be single now.

Lori Petty Hobbies

As well as with other aspects of her private life, there is not much information about Lori’s occupations. Besides acting, which is her passion, Petty enjoys art very much. In fact, she worked some years as a graphical designer before officially becoming an actress. She also uses to go out with friends and to attend to parties, since she is a very social person. She can even excess herself with alcohol: She was convicted to 5 years of probation in 2009 for driving drunk.

Interesting Facts

In an interview Patty told the story of how she met Whitney Houston. She said that the singer recognized her and then invited her to a pool party, to which they went together.

She likes to know from which of the films she’s been in her fans know her from, that’s why she usually asks them.

She says she likes to be natural. She hasn’t undergone through aesthetic operations.

Petty fights for LGBTIQ community rights.

She had a bad run in her 30 because she could get a good role, which she attributes to the high standards of woman’s physical attributes in Hollywood.